07th Oct2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #39 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have plenty to get to, so let’s do so before Air Supply sing “God Save The Queen” while wearing Puff The Magic Dragon costumes. Also, I’m changing the name of the “Best Performer” award to avoid confusion with the “Best Performance” award, since they apply to different parts of wrestling (at least for the way these awards work). “Best Performer” is now known as “Best Speaker”, until I can think of something better. If there is no “Best Performer” award, then screw whatever I just said.


Best Promo:

Brian Cage Married Melissa Santos (Impact Wrestling) – This was really funny and produced quite well, even though it didn’t serve much of a purpose…except for one.

Best Moment:

Sami Smacked Melissa Down (Impact Wrestling) – Sami Callihan did the Booker T/Robert Roode spot where Roode had accidentally hit Booker’s wife Sharmell (which was real, if memory serves correctly). In this case, Sami hit Melissa Santos after she married Brian Cage, by accident, when going for Cage. It worked well and made Sami look more human, while setting the stage for Cage to become more of an animal for Bound For Glory.

Best Speaker:

MJF (Major League Wrestling) – This guy could make even a deaf guy plug his ears. MJF speaks the words of a man who needs to be hit in the mouth so hard it stays shut forever. That’s a great heel and a great talker. I wouldn’t send him to address a college, though.

Best Character:

Kevin Owens (WWE) – KO did great as the renegade hero fighting for his life/job. It’s a role he’s great at, especially when he can be mouthy and arrogant, which he got a chance to do some of here.

Best Wrestler:

Rush (Ring Of Honor) – With tremendous star power, great wrestling skills and charisma to boot, Rush was the best wrestling star of the week. As the new Ring Of Honor World Champion, he is already shining more brightly than so many of his contemporaries have in the same position. I look forward to seeing what he does with his new role as World Champion.

Best Performance:

Timothy Thatcher (Major League Wrestling) – Timothy had a great match on Fusion that featured his awesome technical skills that are desperately needed in the sport.

Best Move:

Canadian Destroyer (WWE) – I know. I use this move a lot for this award, but this is even better than usual. Donovan Dijakovich did the big move to Keith Lee from the top rope. Don’t tell me you don’t think that’s cool. I can’t even pee straight.

Best Match:

Rush versus Matt Taven – Ring Of Honor World Title Match (Ring Of Honor) – At Death Before Dishonor, these two guys fought in the main event in a real classic. From bell to bell, this match delivered every-thing it should have and more. Taven went out on a high note and made Rush the man with the gold belt. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Best Card:

Death Before Dishonor (Ring Of Honor) – The assemblage of matches here was a great spread of action that didn’t quite reach it’s potential, but it came pretty close.

Best Show:

Death Before Dishonor (Ring Of Honor) – A fabulous array of matches, some good and some bad, made for an interesting and entertaining show.

Best League:

Ring Of Honor – ROH isn’t perfect, but when they do something right, they can still knock it out of the park. Their Pay Per View and the ROH TV broadcast made their week great.

Final Verdict: 3.7/5

We had a week of highs and lows, but the highs were far more substantial then the lows, so I say this was a week worth remembering.


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