04th Oct2019

‘Killer Sofa’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Jed Brophy, Sarah Munn, Stacey King, Harley Neville, Jim Baltaxe, Hamish Boyle, James Cain, James Dunlop, Sean Fleming, Michael Fowler, Grant Kereama, Adrienne Kohler, Angelica Thomas | Written and Directed by Bernardo Rao


The horror genre has produced all sorts of killers. And I don’t mean the Freddy’s and Jason’s of this world. What I am talking about is the rubber tyres, the snowmen, the drone, the beds and the several other strange objects and beings that kill people. Killer Sofa is the latest of this type of movie and I couldn’t wait to watch it.

First off, Killer Sofa really does live up to the hype I had given it myself. There are plenty of movies that know exactly what they are. They know they are silly, they know their audience and they know that aren’t making a movie that most people would consider a classic. But this doesn’t mean all of these films are entertaining. Plenty of them take the joke too far and it just isn’t funny, while others just kind of miss the joke altogether. But Killer Sofa does everything right.

Despite the low budget idea, Killer Sofa does look good (and I assume it has a pretty low budget to). But it is shot well, the small amount of CGI looks decent and the practical effects are nicely created, with some injuries looking nicely gruesome.

Clearly this is a comedy movie and the best laughs come from the moments that involve the sofa. Whether it’s a shot of the sofa looking out of a window at a potential victim or the sofa talking into a sink or the sofa attacking aguy and making good use of its springs or, in a fantastic moment towards the end of the movie, when the sofa actually ‘stands up’ to attack! These scenes are ridiculous, don’t get me wrong but in the context of the movie and how they are presented they are so perfect and so funny.

The sofa even has a grumpy slightly angry looking ‘face’. Looking a little like those Thwomp blocks in the Super Mario games. It got a laugh from me every time it spoke. In fact, it got a laugh from me every time it was on screen. I’m not sure how a sofa with two button-like eyes and some creases in its materials is made to have some kind of emotion and looking grumpy but the filmmakers do it.

In truth, you have probably decided whether you will like this movie or not based on the title alone. But if you are reading this and are a little unsure about watching it, I urge you to give it a go because it will make you smile and giggle. Watch it with some friends and you will enjoy it even more!

I am all in for any number of sequels or spin-offs that could come from Killer Sofa. It is wildly entertaining from beginning to end (trust me, there’s a great ending!) and I doubt you’ll have as much fun watching any other movie this year.

**** 4/5

Killer Sofa is available on DVD and VOD now from High Octane Pictures.


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