03rd Oct2019

Opinionated: Should WWE Go Back to the Original Format of Survivor Series?

by Chris Cummings


We’re on our way towards the annual WWE event known as Survivor Series. Beginning in 1987, this event takes place each November in WWE and was one of the “Big Four” PPV’s in the company for the longest time. I’m not quite sure it’s considered to be as big as it once was, though, because it no longer feels as unique and interesting as it did for many years.

Early Survivor Series events saw a number of matches in which teams of four (or five, in some cases) would team against each other, elimination style, in order to see which WWE Superstars would survive. Sometimes a whole team would survive, and their opponents would each be defeated until none were left. Sometimes each team would eliminate member of the opposition and only one or two members would survive. It was interesting, intriguing and exciting.

Later in life, Survivor Series kept the Survivor Series Tag Matches whilst adding a couple of marquee matches too, like a World Title clash or a mid-card title scrap. This kept with the tone and format of the original show, while adding a little something else to make it feel bigger and give it something else for those who fancied a chance of pace. As time went by, however, we saw the Survivor Series Tag matches begin to fade more and more, leaving perhaps one or two, which we get today, along with a whole card full of normal matches. It is no longer the show that it used to be, and I think it’s a shame. Here’s why.

Royal Rumble remains a popular PPV in WWE because people love to see that big Battle Royale match, see all those names, and experience some unique match storytelling in the process. They have even added a Rumble match each year with the Women, which has also been very popular. Survivor Series had that same draw to me when I was growing up. Seeing team after team, with silly names, packed with the roster, clash against other teams, was a blast. Sometimes the teams would be classic babyfaces against classic heels, but other times we’d see teams that contained members who didn’t get along, and it added a different dynamic altogether. I mean, sure… not all the Survivor Series events were great, especially in the early 90s when we saw the likes of the Four Doinks taking on Jerry Lawler and his Court. I mean… it was abysmal stuff, but it was creative at least, and we generally got something interesting, fresh and new when we watched a Survivor Series card.

Today Survivor Series will see those couple of tag-clashes and then the usual array of matches. What if it wasn’t like that? What if we had a WWE Title Match, a Universal Title Match, and then five or six Survivor Series Elimination Tag scraps? I believe it would be both intriguing and popular. It would be something new (whats old is new again, after all) and allow a whole bunch of talent to get on the card too. We could have teams like “The Glorious Ones” led by Robert Roode, or “The Men” led by Becky Lynch, or “The Miz-Maniacs” led by The Miz. I mean, they’re corny but I recall those names fondly. Seeing teams of guys you don’t normally see working together can create a unique situation too. Imagine the team of The Miz, Ali, Chad Gable and The Viking Raiders against “Corbins Court”, with King Corbin leading his entourage of The Revival, Andrade and Shinsuke Nakamura. I mean, it sounds weird but this is what Survivor Series was all about, and fantasy-booking aside, it would allow us a chance to see some wrestlers we haven’t seen work together mix things up. A show with two title matches, two women’s Survivor matches, and three mens’ Survivor matches would be a blast, and change things up each November. I would love to see the days of old return when it comes to this show. I doubt it will ever happen, but one can wish.

Hell… if they want to, why not have a giant egg revealed, with Michael Cole hyping what could hatch throughout the event, and then BAM… a big clucking debut! It can’t fail.



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