02nd Oct2019

WWE Network Original Reviews: WWE Photo Shoot – Christian

by Chris Cummings


Photo Shoot is another one of those easy-breezy but entertaining original programs on the WWE Network. It’s simple in concept and execution. You take a WWE talent, man or woman, legend or current member of the roster, and you sit them down in front of television and show them a bunch of photographs from their career, and they talk a little bit about them as they flash up. The half-hour program is a lot of fun, and we’ve seen an array of names, from Ric Flair to Rusev to Shane McMahon take part so far, and the latest episode which was added to the streaming service this past week see’s Christian sit down and talk to his peeps about his career.

I’m a fan of these sorts of shows from WWE. While short in length, they still offer some fun stories and flashbacks to moments we remember from WWE history. Christian is a guy I’ve followed since he made his WWE debut back in 1998. This Photo Shoot episode goes quickly through Christian’s career, beginning with his debut, his time in the Brood with Edge and Gangrel, his famously brilliant tandem with his real-life best friend and storyline brother, Edge, his singles career and eventual World Title run, as well as his run in TNA. While it doesn’t spend too long on any of the photos that pop up, it’s still cool to listen to Christian talk about his career and what certain parts of it mean to him today in 2019.

I love when names from the past as well as current names are able to sit down and talk about their careers in wrestling. It’s fascinating, and Christian has a lot to say. As a fan of his wrestling career as well as his and Edge’s podcast, I enjoyed this a lot. If you’re a Christian fan, or.. a Peep, then I recommend you check this episode of Photo Shoot out. At 25 minutes long, it’s a quick but really enjoyable snapshot of a damn fine pro-wrestling career.

WWE Photo Shoot is available to stream now on WWE Network.


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