01st Oct2019

Ten Best: LEGO Video Games… so far!

by Chris Cummings

Here we go. Video games have been a large part of my recreational life since I was a young nipper and I was mashing the buttons of my SEGA Master System joypad. LEGO games have been something I’ve enjoyed for a long while too, and I always enjoy piking them up and playing them in local co-op. It’s a ton of fun. They’re very re-playable due to the sheer amount of collectables on offer, from bricks to barrels to characters to vehicles. You can complete the story and then go back to each level, pick your characters, and play all over again, unlocking new areas and new people to play as. How cool is that? Now, I know they’re not for everyone, but I dig the LEGO games, and in a day where platform games aren’t as regular, I think they do a damn good job. So, here’s a little blocky list of what I feel are the TEN BEST LEGO video games so far. Here we go…


10) Lego: Rock Band

I was a fan of the rhythm gaming movement that became a huge deal years ago with the popularity of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and I remember having a ton of fun with this release too. Playing through a variety of songs with the visuals of LEGO characters was a nice change of pace for a genre becoming increasingly stale, and my wife and I played this a whole bunch when it came out. Now, the genre is no longer popular and not many people seem to speak fondly of it, but I have good memories of rocking out with plastic accessories with family to rock tunes from the days gone by. Fun stuff, indeed.

9) Lego: Star Wars – The Force Awakens

I won’t go too far into my thoughts on the newer Star Wars films (I’m a fan) but I will say that this game is great. Going through the plot of The Force Awakens, we get to play as all the new characters from the movie, while also getting a few winks and nods from Star Wars past. I loved playing at BB8 and the other characters from the start of the third trilogy. The locations here are tons of fun too, it must be said.

8) Lego: Marvel Super Heroes 2

The latest of the Marvel Super Heroes games, this is packed to the brim with Marvel characters. The main ones are here, like Iron Man, Spidey, Cap and Hulk, but there’s also some really fun lesser known ones, like Squirrel Girl, who I got a kick out of playing as. The game is big, packed with loads of collectables, locations and things to do, and if you’re a Marvel fan, it’s a must. I mean, who doesn’t want to form a team of Daredevil and Luke Cage and go kick some butt? Who doesn’t wanna take Spiderman and team him with Ms Marvel to fight against injustice? You can, here, and it’s cute to boot!

7) Lego: Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Playing through the Indiana Jones movies just makes perfect sense in the form of a LEGO video game. Using Indie’s whip to pull henchmen towards you before clobbering them to pieces is a hoot. It’s been a number of years since I played this, but I recall having tons of fun with it, and come on now… the classic action adventure films starring Harrison Ford are just the perfect addition to the LEGO land. It may not be remembered as well as some of the LEGO games, but if you go back and give it a go, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it all over again.

6) Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean – The Video Game

I’m a fan of the first Pirates movie, but the others are hit or miss for me. Still… in the form of a LEGO platform game, it works brilliantly. Playing as the various main characters, you make your way through the main plot of the movies, and it’s grand. Building, collecting, fighting and activating funny cut-scenes, it’s impossible to dislike this game, and I’d be surprised to see anybody not get some form of joy from it. Lovely.

5) Lego: Lord of the Rings

Now, I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and I love The Hobbit LEGO game too, but this is where it hits the hardest, with The Lord of the Rings trilogy being taken into LEGO’s world. Full of the loads of colourful and weird characters, we make our way through the Fellowship, the Towers and the Return, as Frodo and Co try to get rid of that bleeding ring. It’s glorious, and one I always enjoy going back to once in a while.

4) Lego: Batman – The Video Game.

The first LEGO Batman game was just wonderful. It was more simplistic and going back to play it really does show how they’ve changed how the games play now, with the hubs and things to keep you playing way past the final level, but this was one of the highlights of LEGO gaming, regardless. The humour, the characters and Gotham are all realised brilliantly. It may not be the best Batman video game, but it’s up there.

3) Lego: The Avengers

The Avengers game in LEGO form was a hoot. Playing as the variety of characters was great, and even more fun in local co-op, which is my personal favourite way to play LEGO video games. The teams you can make here, along with the fun locations and oodles of collectables make it one of those games you can play over and over without really getting bored of it. Definitely one I think of as one of the best when I contemplate the LEGO games we’ve had thus far.

2) Lego: Harry Potter – Complete Years 1-7

My wife and I loves us some Harry Potter, and the collection of the Harry Potter LEGO series are absolutely fantastic. They feature most of the scenes you know and love from the films, feature most of the characters and the replay value, like with most LEGO games, is huge. So much to do, and so much to enjoy about this release, playing them back-to-back allows you to lose yourself in the magical world of Potter with a nice LEGO sheen over the top of it. Marvellous.

1) Lego: Star Wars – The Complete Saga

The first LEGO games I ever played on consoles were the Star Wars games. They had the humour and silliness that we know is now associated with LEGO Games now, but for me it began here. The Complete Saga, which goes through the prequel and original trilogies, are a complete blast. Playing through the iconic and memorable scenes from the movies in the form of little lego figures was so enjoyable.

There you have it. If you haven’t, I recommend playing these ten titles, especially if you’re a fan of LEGO games. Fun in singles or as local-multiplayer, they never stop being fun for me. Have we missed any out? What’s your favourite LEGO video game of all time? Let us know in the comments below!


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