01st Oct2019

Pixel art – coloring by numbers, right on your smartphone!

by James Smith

The game application Pixel Art – Coloring by Numbers is a fascinating coloring book designed specifically for mobile devices. Everyone will find a section with pictures encoded in numbers, according to their age and preferences.


The Main Features of the Game

  • The application weighs only about 30 MB;
  • Interesting and vivid interface;
  • Fascinating coloring by numbers with a huge set of pictures;
  • A daily replenished collection of 2D and 3D images sorted into different categories;
  • Convenient tools for quick coloring of cells with the same numbers;
  • You can use selfies or any images for coloring;
  • You can share time-lapse videos on social networks or send them by email;
  • The application does not hang and is not buggy.

The Main Principles of Coloring in the Pixel Art Application

If you want to relax, escape from everyday activities and just relax — painting by numbers app has been created especially for you! There is a huge number of pixel pictures, both very light and medium, and very complex. From ordinary animals and products to complex paintings and compositions! Selecting a picture, a palette of numbered colors pops up below. The selected color is marked not only by the number itself, but also by a gray box, so peering and looking for the required number is not necessary. The picture is getting closer and larger, which greatly facilitates the process of coloring. If you clamp and hold, you can paint over without breaking off a large section of the picture (not pointwise). A cell filled with the correct color is not repainted in another: in case of an error, you see the necessary number for another color. Shaded all cells of a certain color are marked with a tick on the palette.

Your work in the application is saved — if you voluntarily or abruptly exit the application, you can always continue to work with the already started option; so you can not be afraid that you have to start all over again.


What Else You Need to Know About the Pixel Art App?

At the end of coloring, the program gives you a choice not only where you can share the result (on social networks) or simply save it in the gallery, but also how the picture itself will look. There are various pixel options, from ordinary squares and dots to hearts and stars. Also, every day a new picture is given, they are simple enough for coloring and will not take much time. You can create your own pictures from your own gallery or by taking a photo directly.

So, Pixel Art – Coloring by Numbers is a great app to relieve stress and have fun. Thanks to this application, you can feel like a real artist and completely immerse yourself in the creative process.

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