01st Oct2019

Opinionated: Who Would Make Up The “Mount Rushmore” of WWE?

by Chris Cummings


When you look at the very best WWE superstars of all time, there are certainly certain names that come to mind, but there are a lot of them. If you go back to the eras of Bruno Sammartino and make your way to modern-day, you’ll be reeling off many names. The WWE has existed in defined eras since the days of Hulkamania and Rock ’n’ Wrestling existed in the 80s. We’ve had an array of times, from The Golden Era, The New Generation, The Attitude Era, The Ruthless Aggression Era, The Reality Era and whatever it is right now, in 2019.

So, among these times we’ve had various people at the top of the card, particularly superstars who were “faces” of the company, those who were at the forefront of what WWE was presenting. When you bought a collectors cup or a WWF pillow-case in 1988, it’s pretty much a sure-thing that Hulk Hogan would be adorning it. Blast forward to 1998 and that t-shirt you ordered or the fleece blanket you found late at night on WWF.com when you’d had one-too-many Newcastle Brown Ales likely had the face of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on it. 2006? Well… that pennant, that magazine and that beanie-hat were decorated with the logos and photographs of one John Cena, weren’t they? It’s how WWE has always worked, with a person at the top of the card, the headliner, the pinnacle, the main event.

So, I thought it would be cool to put together the Mount Rushmore of WWE history. That famous landmark in South Dakota features the carved stone faces of four US Presidents, so who… if there was a WWE version of that ma-hoosive sculpture… would be the four faces to adorn it?

I think it’s fairly obvious that “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan is a shoe in for WWE’s Mount Rushmore. He was THE guy in WWE in the 80s until he left for the first time in 1993. He headlined WrestleMania after WrestleMania, SummerSlam after SummerSlam and he sold more t-shirts than Asda during the Summer Sale. He was, indeed, a mega-star and a big part of why that era of WWE was so big, so popular and so fondly-remembered. His moustached wide-eyed face would certainly be carved into that stone.

Another obvious addition to Mount WWE would be “The Texas Rattlesnake”. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin took WWE in 1998 and smashed it back into popularity. Sure, he had a lot of help from a packed main-event roster of talent, but Austin was at the front of the pack, waistcoat on, beer in hand and his middle finger in the air. Beside the orange hue of Hogan would be the scales and suds of one “Bionic Redneck”. Hell yeah.

The third addition? I mean… this is where people’s opinions will begin to differ, I’d imagine. I think, regardless of my personal views of him as a pro-wrestler, that John Cena would definitely be the third carving on Mount WWE. He was the face of WWE for longer than Hogan or Austin, and headlined more shows than either guy did. He won as many World Titles as “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, he sold more merchandise than Greggs sells sausage rolls, and he’s even managed to “do a Rock” and transition into Hollywood. For better or worse, Cena is one of those four faces that represent WWE’s vast history.

So, who completes the quartet? Who is the final face on the WWE Mount Rushmore? Is it Bruno? Is it The Rock? Is it Roman Reigns? Is it Daniel Bryan? Is it “Macho Man” Randy Savage? Is it Triple H? It is Shawn Michaels? Is it Bret “Hitman” Hart? I could go on… and there’s an argument for SO many people to be there, but I’m going to have to go with somebody else.

The final man to be carved in would be The Undertaker. I mean… the guy has been the soul of WWE for decades, debuting in 1990 and still wrestling a handful of times each year some 29 years later. He has been champion numerous times. He held the most popular and protected streak in all of wrestling for a long time. He’s beaten the best, had some of the best matches in WWE history and he’s still digging graves and taking names. “The Dead Man” would be the last face on that gigantic stone sculpture, a final representation of WWE and everything its stood for over the decades.

So, there you bloody well have it. Do you agree? Who would you put on your Mount WWE? Let us know, and thanks a bunch for reading!


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