30th Sep2019

WWE Roster: 2019 Mid-Year Report – 205 Live

by Chris Cummings

So, as a WWE fan, and seeing as Nerdly has great wrestling coverage, I thought it would be cool to take a seat in the bleachers and give you a longtime fan perspective report on WWE’s roster as we’ve reached – as of writing – August 2019.

This isn’t gospel or fact, obviously. It’s just opinion, and my opinion at that. You might disagree, and that’s fine. Just know that this is purely for fun and to give my thoughts and views on the great roster of talent that WWE has right now. I’ll rate people like a report card would rate people… From A* to F grade… you know what those grades mean. Also, I’ll do a ungraded grade for the men and women that are injured or that we haven’t seen on the product this year. I’ll be taking most things into consideration, from work-rate to promo skills to booking (I didnt want to take this into account but I have to, if we don’t see these men and women then how do I grade them?), charisma, psychology and overall presentation. Maybe even fan response… basically, it’s an all-encompassing report from a fan’s viewpoint of WWE’s incredible collection of stars.

I’ll be focusing on A LOT here, so grab a coffee, put your feet up, and check out my report of WWE RAW, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live and NXT UK. Next up is 205 Live, a brand which is about to be shuttered if the rumours are to be believed… Phew, here goes!



Tozawa has had an okay run in 205 Live since the launch of the show, but hasn’t done much that’s stood out. Has had some strong matches on television. Competed in a Fatal Four Way match for the Cruiserweight Title at Royal Rumble, coming out on the losing end. Became number-one contender in February and faced Champion Buddy Murphy at Elimination Chamber, again losing. Had a fun match with Adam Cole at the Evolve Special on the WWE Network in July. He’s a hell of a wrestler but doesn’t seem to win many big matches.



Daivari has suffered from the similar fate of many WWE workers in that he’s a part of a huge roster that only has space for a certain number of people to shine. He’s talented, but we’ve not really seen him do a great deal in WWE to date, and he’s been there for a while now. Wrestled for the Cruiserweight Title at Money in the Bank, but lost. Decent but perhaps not someone who will get much further than he already has within WWE’s packed-out environment.



The veteran Kendrick hasn’t, like many others, been around too much in 2019. He’s appeared on 205 Live and had the odd match, but the days of him being presented as a major player are behind him it seems. He’s a guy who could transition to being a coach, agent or producer one day, and I think he’d be very good at it. Not much else to say about the talented guy.



Gulak has seen success in 2019, finally, after not doing much in 2018. His change to being a smash-mouth wrestler and not a comedy character has helped a lot. Put on some great matches with the likes of Tony Nese and Oney Lorcan among others, the current Cruiserweight Champion is hugely talented, charismatic and one of the greatest parts of 205.



One of the most talented guys in 205, Gentleman Jack has sadly been underused (sound familiar?) in 205 this year. Worked fun matches with Humberto Carrillo, Drew Gulak and others, it’s about time he got a push. I would love to see Jack head over to NXT UK and shine there, because he’s wasted in 205 Live as it stands right now. I think most of the guys on the show are, to be quite honest.



This young high-flyer debuted on 205 Live in January and has been a staple of the show for much of the year so far. At only 23 years old, the talented kid has a bright future as a Crusierweight. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him pick up the Cruiserweight Title before all is said and done.



The former Mike Bennett has had a better 2019 than his previous years in WWE. In the best shape of his career, Kanellis entered into a storyline with his wife, Maria, as a bitter guy who wanted to be given his fair shake on 205 Live. Worked decent matches with Tozawa and Kendrick. Became part of a comedy storyline involving Maria being pregnant and was involved in the silly 24/7 Title scene in July. Kanellis is a good hand and has seen a little more screen time lately, so perhaps he’s getting a shot? Who knows.



Oney is part of 205 Live now, but he also still competes with tag-partner Danny Burch in NXT and NXT UK from time to time. Had some great matches alongside Burch and competed in the 2019 Dusty Tag Team Classic in NXT. Wrestled the likes of Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak, facing the latter in a top notch opening match at SummerSlam. He’s a great talent and it’s awesome to see him get a shot to shine, even on a smaller stage like 205. I’d love to see him make it to the main shows and show just how good he is. A brawler with a believable style, he could be a strong mid-card contender in WWE.



Samir and Sunil returned to 205 Live this year, after a pretty high-profile run as lackeys to Jinder Mahal for a while. Talented enough Canadians would be better suited to teaming in NXT or something. I can’t see them going anywhere on this show.



Nese won the WWE Cruiserweight Title from Buddy Murphy at WrestleMania on the Kick-Off Show. Lost the title in June to Drew Gulak. Nese is a jacked flyer with a ton of talent, but he’s much better suited as a heel than he is a babyface. Weak on the microphone, he could benefit from a faction or a manger to help him out in that area, because he more than holds his own in the ring.



Now, Drake doesn’t really wrestle on 205. He’s the GM. But he has been wrestling (kinda) everywhere else, as one of the main players in the comedic 24/7 Title scene. Has had a feud with R-Truth for most of the Summer. Is much better suited to a comedy role than he is as a serious management person, Maverick is making a success out of a ridiculous storyline, and more power to him.



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