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‘MLW: Fusion’ Review (Sept 28th 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have Bugs and Daffy and Tweety and Taz and all your cartoon paaaaaaalllllsssss! Okay, we don’t have any of that, but we’ve got some wrestling. You like wrestling? How about some Major League Wrestling?


Match #1: Gringo Loco & Air Wolf defeated Kotto Brazil & Myron Reed

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Referee Frank Gastineau does the due diligence of checking Injustice for foreign objects and sure enough, finds a chain inside Kotto Brazil’s jumpsuit. While confiscating that, Oliver hands Kotto those familiar brass knuckles to Brazil, but Gastineau catches such transgressions in his peripherals to take those away as well. The pace and rhythm begin in Injustice’s favor but Gringo Loco hits a standing moonsault to shift the momentum. Air Wolf takes over up against Myron Reed and the 19-year-old upstart tries to knife-edge chop Reed, but that unneeded protector does its job. Loco gets back in and begins to feel the full effect of Injustice’s unjustifiable ways with orchestrated team attacks behind the ref’s back. Kotto has a close pinfall after powerbombing Loco off the top turnbuckle, but Myron Reed tags himself in as Brazil was executing the move so the fall wasn’t administered. Everything changes in the chaos when Gringo Loco shows his strength by planting both Reed and Brazil with a DOUBLE electric chair drop. Kotto may have shot his team’s chances in the foot by getting too involved because Gastineau believes him to be the legal man. Air Wolf gets the tag back in, immediately goes for the pinfall on Brazil and gets the 1-2-3.

My Opinion: 3.2 out of 5 – This had plenty of action, but it went too short and ruined the momentum. The moves were really daring, but the match itself was a bit clumsy (not any of their performances). I don’t know why, but this match made me think of an Alabama kissing booth. You know, the kind with a horse and a goat and the rooster clucks a bunch and the pig has lip-stick on and… Myron is really talented, isn’t he? This was a good opener that was on its way to getting better, but that Lacome pig got in front of Kotto and the match was over. I did not kiss a pig! Nope!

Match #2: Timothy Thatcher defeated Douglas James

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

MLW is introduced for the first time to “The Ultimate Hybrid Wrestler” Douglas James. James has a world of experience but so does his opponent Thatcher as the two start the engagement by literally getting low the mat. Thatcher goes for that patented single leg crab but James counters into a leg lock. Even with Thatcher’s height advantage the two present to be very equal adversaries as James trades blows with Thatcher. The tension escalates when James slaps Thatcher across the mouth. Thatcher brings James back down to the mat, but the Jiu Jitsu expert is quite hard to pin down (both figuratively and literally). Tides turn when Thatcher charges at James and Douglas hip-tosses him down with a cross armbreaker. Thatcher uses his upper body strength to turn James over for not one, but two gutwrench suplexes. Only good for two. Thatcher applies a double underhook however James answers back with several high knees and a superkick to get him down for a two count. James begins to slug at Thatcher, but he completely smacks away James’ effort. James finds the fortitude to lock Thatcher in for a standing guillotine, quickly rolls away to hit him with an “on-the-button” high knee and climbs the top rope. James vaults himself off with a rotating frog splash, but Thatcher gets his knees up and secures the Fujiwa armbar for the tap-out win. Thatcher gets on the mic with Kaci Lennox who gives big respect for the effort put forth by James and James returns the kind words with some of his own.

My Opinion: 3.7 out of 5 – This was an awesome display of technical wrestling that was combined with fantastic chops and kicks to make for a grueling fight. These two made for a perfect pairing that fit like peanut butter and hookers. This is the kind of match that the general public is more inclined to watch, because it looks like the wrestlers are trying to actually fight each other. Court Bauer needs to book this match again as soon as possible.

Match #3: (Main Event) Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc – Bunkhouse Match

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

“England’s Most Dangerous Man” enters first and picks up a shovel to await his opponent. “The Bucksnort Brawler” indeed comes out waving the red, white and blue and while on the apron, Havoc hits him from behind and we’re underway. Havoc disrespects both Mancer and the flag by choking him with “Old Glory.” Both begin brawling outside and JImmy goes to strike Warner with the cowbell, but Mance moves and grabs hold of the bullrope. “More Cowbell” is appropriately chanted as Warner belts Havoc with it. Havoc however gets hold of the actual ring bell and smashes Mance with it. He then places it between Warner’s legs and uses the cowbell to ring Mance’s personal wind chimes. Someone asks Havoc what’s wrong with him and Havoc’s response? “Everything is wrong with me!” He sure shows that as he goes for his beloved staple gun. Luckily Mance wards him off with a chair shot. Havoc holds the power soon after when Mance misses with the stick side of a shovel. He’s got Warner back in-ring as he finds a rake to scratch the back and forehead of Mance. Mance shows his wherewithal by striking Havoc with an eye poke and takes Jimmy for a ride on the rake handle.

Ol’ Mancer is feeling froggy as he pulls out one of the back-up ringboards and props it in the corner. Warner delivers a Bionic Elbow onto Havoc for some “hard times” and it’s worthy of a two count. Warner picks up the pumpkin to toss it at Jimmy, but Havoc ducks and uses his staple gun to impede Warner’s “testicular fortitude” – two staples for both of his boys. Havoc presents a Jack ‘O Lantern to the crowd and makes sure Warner gets a taste of it by stapling his tongue to the lid! It’s certainly a horrific visual was we see Mance pry his tongue from the top, but it provides enough adrenaline for him to DDT Havoc’s head inside the jack o’ lantern. Mancer hits a running knee for a near fall that had to have Havoc spitting pumpkin seeds. Warner brings in another board and grabs two chairs from fans. He stomps a mudhole into Jimmy before balancing the board between the chairs. Havoc hits a hard right forearm and German suplexes Mance into the hay. Havoc then picks Mance up to drop him through the cornered board with a Death Valley Driver. Warner amazingly gets his shoulder up after two.

Warner’s tongue felt further wrath as Jimmy drags him to the other board and staples it to the board. Havoc places the pumpkin atop of Warner’s head before climbing the turnbuckle. Warner suffers through the agony again of pulling his tongue free and throws the pumpkin at Havoc to stall him just enough for superplex between the board! Blood is spewing from Mancer’s mouth as both men stand up. Mancer makes the most of the moment and big lariats Havoc down for the well-earned win.

My Opinion: 3.4 out of 5 – This worked in the gross, disgusting, violent way that these matches tend to do. If you like seeing people get stapled to stuff, then this is your match. Imagine if you took a bunch of kids on a hay-ride and let them stab each other with the pitchfork. This match is blood and guts at a fifth grade level and that is what the people paid for. These guys are both brawlers and this match gave them the chance to brawl so hard that their asses practically shot off. Watch at your own risk.

News Of The Night:

  1. Jimmy Havoc brutally attacked Mance Warner after he had won the match.
  2. Kotto Brazil may have been legitimately knocked out during his match.
  3. Injustice attacked referee Frank Gastineau.
  4. Austin Aries permanently injured Teddy Hart (fictionally, it seems).
  5. Dynasty screwed with The Von Erich family at a children hospital.
  6. Timothy Thatcher challenged Tom Lawlor to a match.
  7. Brian Pillman Jr. fights Austin Aries, next week.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

This was a fine show that had some excellent wrestling, especially from the second bout on the card. The problem of too many promos is still a big problem, but at least the wrestling is not being filtered.

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