30th Sep2019

Digital Shorts: ‘Talk It Out’ Review (Switch)

by Britt Roberts

In DIGITAL SHORTS we review some of the latest video games that are only available digitally (at least in the UK), in a short-form review format. In this edition Britt takes a look at party game Talk It Out.


Talk It Out is harmless enough but feels unfortunately like a failed experiment, rendering it cumbersome and unengaging to play.

Talk It Out is based on picking an item from a list (a book, for example) which then has to be guessed by the second player through the medium of ‘asking’ questions. You may be forgiven for thinking, as I did…’”that’s Twenty Questions, that is” because, although both games share a similar theme (thinking about it, there’s a great version of Twenty Questions available on the Sony PS Vita), Talk It Out has the twist of the questions being both limited, random and unhelpful.

Although the game is built around a simple concept, there are a lot of issues that detract from the experience. The music is dreadful and consists of a slightly out-of-tune acoustic guitar that has been recorded via direct input meaning that all of the warmth and resonance has been removed, leaving a trebly, dry tinny strumming sound that keeps drifting off the looped beat, I muted the sound after a couple of minutes. Secondly, you can only play two players and in hand held mode, due to the way the game is played i.e. – choosing questions / answers and passing the console back and forth as quickly as possibly due to the 6-minute time limit in each round. My Switch was in transit quite often and it just felt a bit unsafe and at risk of being dropped, especially as the game appears to be aimed at children and tipsy couples, raising the chances of dropping it even higher.

The main issue is with the game itself, as the questions and answers are ‘quirky and random’, you can’t whittle down your guess as each response is pretty much a non-sequitur. Unless you find the idea of incoherent responses to vague questions inherently funny, there’s little here to see.

I’ve ragged on the game a bit, I realise this and there are some positives, there’s no malice in the design and it’s not a rip-off title as it’s only a couple of quid, it just feels hugely misjudged and impractical. The visuals are quite strong and the characters in the game are fun but aside from that, this really is unfortunately one to avoid.

Talk It Out is available in the Nintndo eShop now.


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