06th Sep2019

Game On! Review: ‘Mixtape Massacre’ (Bright Light)

by Jason Brigger

A little about our family….My wife and I love playing board games, card games and any tabletop game we can get our hands on. In the last two years, we have been including our 9-year-old son and our 5-year-old daughter, and sometimes our 3-year old son, in our game nights. With so many choices out there, it is difficult for families to know what a good game is for family game night and this is where we come in. We review a new game to help make this decision easier and hopefully help you make a good choice for your family! All suggestions are welcomed! Please comment below.

Who We Are

Jason Brigger, aka the Dad: Co-host of the weekly pop culture centric podcast, The History of Bad Ideas along with a weekly review of the television series, Black Lightning, which are both on Nerdly!

The Boy: My 9-year-old son who enjoys all types of games, from video games to board games to card games, as long as it makes him think.

The Girl: My 5-year-old daughter who is learning about games above the Candyland skill level and will guest in this column from time to time.

The Mom: My wife who will guest in this column from time to time, bringing a female perspective to games we review.


Officially, What Is It?

Per the official website: “Mixtape Massacre is a tabletop board game where up to 6 players play as slasher archetypes and compete in a fictional 1986 killing spree to be remembered. With tons of jokes and references to 1980’s pop-culture and horror tropes – Mixtape Massacre will have you laughing while you’re slashing!”

What’s Included: Ten (10) slasher standup character pieces based on horror archetypes (killer clown, deadly prom queen, etc.), ten (10) character profile cards, 40 “Killer Scene, Dude” cards, 30 “Bonus Track” cards, 60 double-sided “Scene Marker”/“Souvenir” tokens, ten (10) “Special Ability” tokens, six (6) “Butcher Knife” player stations with 36 “Life” pegs, one (1) movement dice, three (3) “Action” dice and one (1) game board.

Please note this game can only be purchased through the manufacturer’s website: www.mixtapemassacre.com


How Do You Play?

Setup: The game is designed for 2-6 players with each person picking their favorite horror movie character piece to play. Each player has six (6) “Life” pegs to start and each character is placed on any random start point. One (1) “Scene Marker” is placed on each location of the board and the main objective is to kill as many unsuspecting citizens of the small town of Tall Oaks while collecting a pre-determined number of souvenirs.


  • The gameplay is a “roll the dice and move” type of setup with each player trying to move their character to one of the twelve (12) locations on the board. Each location resembles a scene in horror films, including a graveyard, school, bar, school, etc., and adds to the 1980s feel the creators are aiming to present. Once your character enters the location, the “Killer Scene, Dude” card from that location is turned over and the number of knives needed to roll on the “Action” dice is revealed. Roll the correct number of knives needed and you kill your victim and take a souvenir from them for your collection. If you fail, you return to the nearest starting point.
  • The “Killer Scene, Dude” cards have a variety of victims, ranging from characters that are too inebriated to fight back (one knife to kill) to the tough guy with a baseball bat (roll a “fist” to avoid being wounded), or even the police. If you pull the police card, you are wounded and lose a “Life” peg. Lose all six “Life” pegs and you are out of the game.


Besides the main objective of trying to finish off as many victims as possible, let’s talk about some fun “extras” that add to the game play.

  • Three of a Kind: The “Action” dice have knives, fists, and a pentagram on each die and if you roll three of one kind, special features are unlocked.
  • Three Knives: The player is awarded double the number of souvenirs that is instructed on the “Killer Scene, Dude” card.
  • Three Fists: The potential victim escapes and the player loses one “Life” peg and to add insult to injury, is sent to the nearest starting point.
  • Three Pentagrams: The victim is killed, the player receives double the number of souvenirs that is instructed on the “Killer Scene, Dude” card AND all other players lose a “Life” peg for their character. This three of a kind seems rare when I was playing but when it does show up, it’s fun to take every player down a level.
  • Rampage: Once a character kills a victim, the player than continues to roll for movement, doubling the amount shown on the die. This is extremely helpful in covering a lot of locations in a short amount of time. The only downside is if one player continues to kill victims, the rampage continues, and which can cause other players to wait an extended amount of time for their turn.
  • Brawl: This is the second game in a row we have reviewed in which a brawl is talked about…unfortunately no one is throwing a burrito this time. A brawl occurs when two players land on the same space, the spaces next to each other or are in the same location. Both players roll the dice and whoever has the most knives win, unless one player rolls three knives, then the other player automatically loses. This is another fun aspect to the game, especially when a person just wants to cause chaos in the game by taking every other player out.


How Do You Win?

There are several ways to win:

  • All other characters are killed, and you are the last killer standing
  • One player kills enough victims and collects the pre-determined number of souvenirs.

The rule book also includes several versions of the game with different goals to complete for victory, which varies the gameplay and keeps players coming back to the game. This is a nice addition to the game and allows new ways to play the game each time.

What We Liked About The Game:

Dad: As a horror fan, I enjoy the variety of characters from which each player can choose to play as and that each character has one special ability that can be used once in the game. The characters included resemble famous horror staples such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Carrie (prom queen), Chuckie (demonic doll), Gremlins and several more. There are two expansion card packs available for purchase which add a serial killer father and a vampire to the game, which are both highly recommended. Overall the characters and their special abilities are the highlights of the game.

The creators did a fantastic job of adding humor and old school scenarios to the “Killer Scene, Dude” and “Bonus Tracks” cards, which allows the player to feel they are in an old-school horror film. Each scenario on the cards play into how easy or difficult each victim is and, in a game, where murdering victims is the goal, it alleviates some of the intense aspects of the game.

Mom: I also like the 1980s campy feel, which is reflected in the “Killer Scene, Dude” and “Bonus Tracks” cards, as it gives an homage to the classic slasher movies. I appreciate how the board is set up like the classic Clue board game, which allows players to feel they are connected to the game before even starting. The game is easy to learn, fun to play and compared to other table-top games, plays quickly. It’s a good change of pace game from other tabletop games that doesn’t require as much “strategy”, which is not an insult but a positive as a “pick up and play” type game.

The Boy: This game is a little too mature for the Boy.


What We Didn’t Like About the Game:

Dad: I’m not a fan of games that require a roll of the dice for a character to move as I feel it slows down the gameplay and this is true in Mixtape Massacre as well. It’s a small gripe but a different movement system would have been appreciated to keep the flow of the game moving quickly. The other downside (for me, not the creators!) is the new expansions for the game are sold out frequently due to the popularity of the game.

Mom: None. I enjoy the game.

Replay Value: High. The gameplay is fun and lighthearted (as noted above), and with the different variations on types of goals, has a high replay value.

Recommended Age, Per Developers: 17 years and older

Our Recommended Age: This is the first “adult” game we have reviewed on Game On and due to the violence and thematic elements, we recommend children under thirteen (13) should avoid the game as it has some intense moments/actions. This is a game best reserved for adult game night and not a game young ones should be playing.

Final Score:

Dad’s Grade: B
Mom’s Grade: B
The Boy’s Grade: Are you nuts? He isn’t playing this…yet.

Mixtape Massacre lives up to its claim that it’s a good game for adult game night. The game does a great job paying homage to the old-school thrasher films that the majority of us have grown up watching, while also keeping the objectives in line with the theme. The game really picks up the pace once the characters are closer in proximity to each other, allowing brawls to break out and leading to more action and a quicker pace. Overall Mixtape Massacre is a fun time and we strongly recommend this game to any tabletop fan that loves their horror/slasher films.

Have you played this game? If so, let us know what you thought of it below in the Comments section!

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Please note all images come from the manufacturer’s website at www.mixtapemassacre.com

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