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‘MLW: Fusion’ Review (Aug 24th 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have only two matches, which is usually not a good sign, but neither is “BRIDGE WAS OUT”. Think about it… Yosemite Sam might get a kick out of it…and a lumpy head. Okay, I’ve got school in the morning, so shut up, sit back and let me ruin this show for you, one gripe at a time. Also, I’m told this is the most read wrestling review on the site, so take that Reader’s Digest.


Match #1: Zenshi defeated El Hijo de LA Park

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

The two tried to literally sweep the legs out from under one another, but El Hijo took command of the match with suicide dive to the outside and then crotched Zenshi on the steel barricade. Zenshi came up hobbling on his right leg and El Hijo reversed him mid-hurricanrana to slam him against the steel rail and powerbomb him on the ring apron. Zenshi showed fortitude and kicked out in the ring, but El Hijo continued to kick away at Zenshi to keep him floored. The two found themselves on the top turnbuckle exchanging punches and Zenshi finally caught El Hijo down with the aforementioned hurricanrana. That only got a two count, but Zenshi was not done with the high-flying. From that very same corner, he literally launched himself into the opposite corner to deliver an on-point dropkick onto a prone Park. It would have been worthy of a three-count, but El Hijo had enough wherewithal to grab the bottom rope. El Hijo began to use his strength and agility to gain momentum, but a little too much taunting got the better of The Chairman’s boy and Zenshi caught him with a tornado cutter for the pinfall finish. El Hijo wasn’t happy and nailed Zenshi with a chair to step back into the spotlight. It’s fair to say we have a new rivalry heating up between these two young middleweights.

My Opinion: 3 out of 5 – This was a good match that had some really big spots from both guys, along with big slams and Big Gulps. 7 Eleven, that’s a great deal. No, it’s not. These guys worked very hard to make this match work out very well for the both of them. Yeah, there’s an exciting sentence. I feel like I’m the host of the Victory Garden. These guys have good chemistry together, like bubbles with gum. That’s my Disney joke for the review. You think Mickey Mouse will do a cross-promotion with Nerdly? We’ll wear the ears and he’ll wear a t-shirt for “The Dead Next Door”. Anyway, this was a good match that was more than enough to get the card started off right.

Match #2: (Main Event) Teddy Hart defeated MJF – Major League Wrestling World Middleweight Title Match

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

“Let’s Go Teddy” chants echoed throughout The Melrose Ballroom as the two foes shook hands & hug with as much sincerity as an MJF compliment, but Teddy was a step ahead when he caught Friedman mid-kick to hit him with a lumbar back bomb. MJF tried to beg his way off, but Teddy wouldn’t have any of it and bounced the Burberry boy’s throat off the middle rope. Teddy delivers a Dungeon DDT right before Aria Blake butted her way into the equation. Teddy gently removed her off the apron, but MJF still found a way to factor his girlfriend in by once again putting her in harm’s way on the outside. As Teddy literally sat her down out of the action, MJF sidekicked the Middleweight Champ before dropping him onto the guardrail and lawn darting him into the ring post.

Booes accompanied MJF back into the ring as he casually waited for Teddy to recuperate. Like a rapid hyena, MJF stomped away on Hart in the corner, but Teddy hooked onto the heel to cause both fighters to recompose. MJF once again used the ring elements to gain an upperhand by pulling Teddy down into the turnbuckle. MJF hooked Teddy with a Regal-Plex in a stellar showcase of strength from The Salt Of The Earth. Teddy soon relied on instinct to deliver a Code Red that shifted momentum before bolting ahead to smack MJF with one spring-loaded Canadian Destroyer. MJF wisely rolled out of the ring, but Teddy kept things rolling with a springboard moonsault that afterwards, caused Hart to favor his wrist. It didn’t stop him from flying as he hit a springboard shooting star press elbow for a near fall. Teddy goes for round two, but this time MJF got his knees up. Friedman then showed ultimate disrespect to the Hart legacy by locking Teddy in a Sharpshooter. Teddy luckily made it to the ropes.

MJF nailed a heat-seeking driver, but doesn’t hook the leg which allowed Hart to kick out. Aria Blake once again got involved by handing her boy a pink high heel which redirected referee Frank Gastineau’s focus on the foreign object. Blake immediately went in for the cheap shot below the belt on Hart. This led to a very near title change but Teddy mustered up the strength to kick out. Gastineau’s had enough and ejected Blake. A frustrated MJF can’t keep focus as Teddy climbed atop the turnbuckle to pop off with a Canadian Destroyer that floored Friedman for the 1-2-3.

My Opinion: 3.5 out of 5 – This was an excellent main event that had all the excitement of a proper prize fight. I sound like one of those pricks from the Downton Abbey. These guys kept it in the ring, but managed to add some real aggression to this, like a pregnant chick at Ponderosa. I don’t know if that’s true, but if I was pregnant, I would want to be at Ponderosa. MJF was a great heel here and if he sticks with that, he might be able to rise far above most of his peers. Teddy was Teddy, which isn’t the burden for the promoter that it used to be, since Teddy isn’t trying to kill anybody any more. This match had a lot of life to it, like a goldfish in a hot-tub. There’s a very edgy, demented feud that these guys could have that even Eddie Gilbert would sweat over, since these guys are so committed to their characters. Uh-oh, that sounded too serious. I am weasel! There, that’s better. Miley Cyrus versus Teddy Hart. That’s my dream match, because no one will understand a damn thing that either one is doing. I would love to see this main event become the start of a series of matches between the two, based off of this bout’s quality. Overall, Breaking Bad bored the $#!@ out of me and this was a fine title match.

News Of The Night:

  1. Major League Wrestling and The CRASH are co-promoting a show in Mexico this October.
  2. Low Ki wants to fight CONTRA Unit.
  3. CONTRA Unit wants to destroy Tom Lawlor at War Chamber.
  4. Minoru Tanaka returns to MLW on October 5th.
  5. Jimmy Havoc wants to fight Mance Warner.
  6. Mance Warner was arrested for his chainsaw attack from last week.
  7. Tom Lawlor fights Jacob Fatu for the Major League Wrestling World Title, next week.

Final Verdict: 3/5

Not enough time was devoted to the matches, but what was here was strong enough to be worth watching.


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