16th Aug2019

Hard Question for Startups

by James Smith

You’re a startup business, you’ve found your niche and you’re all set to go but how do you know that niche is everything you think it will be? Is it even a niche at all and if it is, is it something that’s really going to make you money? In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the hard questions you need to ask yourself in order to see your business take off the ground. It’s time to get the hard truth of whether or not your business is destined to fly or doomed to crash.

What Question?

Have you asked yourself this: which problem am I answering with my business? If you can identify both a problem and a solution, then you are already well on your way. On the other hand, if you’re struggling to see what purpose your niche business serves, then you may well need to re-address what it is your business is hoping to achieve. Very simply, if there’s no niche for your business, no customer base clamouring for the product or service that you’re offering to shore up the gaping hole that other businesses can’t fill, then there really is little need for your business full stop and it’s unlikely you’re going to make any money from it.

The Competition

If you’ve got your great idea and it seems like it could go, then you’re going to need to take a close look at what the competition is up to and how you can position yourself in the market to offer a unique selling point. It’s time to sit down and painstakingly trawl through their website, noting what makes an impact on you and what has failed to make the mark, in terms of design and content. Be honest about your own website. Are you guilty of making the same mistakes? What you can do to make your website stand out from your nearest rivals? Take the good ideas of others, ignore the bad and give your site the edge. Sign up to your competitors’ e-newsletters, their campaign updates and keep up with what they’ve got on offer. Use these offers as a springboard for your own campaigns.


How Do You Grow?

The last thing to consider is how you’re going to upscale your business. If the answer is you can’t either because of a lack of resources or finances, then you may need to take on board a business consultant to help see a way through this issue. Taking your business, whether offering copywriting services to helping Find Top Custom eLearning Content Providers, from startup to growing concern should be at the heart of your business plan and allow you to have many more options in the direction you take your organisation.

You’ve got the idea, you’ve got ambition and you’ve got a business that, with the right conditions, is going to catapult you into the career you’ve always dreamed of, doing something that you love.

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