13th Aug2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #33 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have me returning to this after a few hectic weeks of extra shows to cover (a lame excuse, but the truth). We’ve got lots to cover, so let’s do so.


Best Promo:

It Was Me, Kofi (WWE) – In one of the best things to ever happen to Randy Orton’s career, a vignette aired showing why Randy Orton repressed Kofi Kingston’s ascension to becoming a world champion. Trust me when I say this was a major moment for Randy, as he finally looked like the star he was always meant to be.

Best Moment:

Dr. Wagner Jr. Retires (AAA) – One of the great wrestlers had their final match at TripleMania. Goodbye Dr. Wagner Jr. and I hope you enjoy your retirement.

Best Move:

Stunner (WWE) – Kevin Owens has really made the Stunner his own in the past few weeks. Good for him and good for us.

Best Personality:

Sid Scala (WWE) – NXT UK’s assistant general manager (I think that’s what he is) was excellent over the past few weeks. That’s all it takes to win an award most folks have never heard of.

Best Character:

Sami Callihan (Impact Wrestling) – Sami is really hitting his stride as the respectful sexist pig (he’s doing both at the same time). Plus, Sami is also looking like an even bigger championship contender than ever.

Best Performance:

Candice LeRae (WWE) – At Takeover: Toronto 2, Candice had a magnificent match with Io Shirai and delivered one of her best career performances. I’m no expert on her career outside being a fan of her work, but I’d imagine Candice would agree that she had a great showing in this match.

Best Wrestler:

The Briscoes (Ring Of Honor) – Jay and Mark have really hit their stride in wrestling as a dynamic team that can make just about any-thing work. If you think I’m full of $#!@, then just go take a look at what is being asked of them and see how well they are adjusting it all to make sense and draw money. The Briscoes made The G.O.D interesting. Who in the hell has done that…at all?

Best Card:

TripleMania (AAA) – From a booking point of view, this show was every-thing it should have been. There was the right amount of spectacle to go with the lucha, as well as the appearance of a major sports star to make the whole show feel special.

Best Show:

NXT: Takeover – Toronto 2 (WWE) – While excellent on paper, this turned into an outstanding show in far too many ways to count.

Best Match:

RUSH and Dragon Lee versus Jay and Mark Briscoe (Ring Of Honor) – This was an incredible match that went far beyond any-thing I ever thought would appear ROH TV. This is what Ring Of Honor is all about and this is what wrestling is supposed to be all about.

Best League:

WWE – Vince and his people are getting this award for making SummerSlam so good on paper (not so much in practice) and for Takeover: Toronto 2 being so great.

Final Verdict: 4/5

When things go well, I give good reviews. There was a lot of $#!@ in here, but there was far too much good stuff as well to just piss away with a lousy review either. 4 feels right and that’s that.


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