12th Aug2019

The Most Excellent Comics of 2019, So Far

by James Smith


The comics’ world has had a lot to offer this year. Many comic-book series have been released along with graphic novels that discover the dynamic between text and images. For sure, if you love comics and graphic novels, you have probably come across some poignant graphic memoirs and sensational genre tales.

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The Immortal Hulk, Marvel

The Immortal Hulk has been a great success. For sure, its first year has been great full of thrilling rides through an endless hall of gamma horrors. Surprisingly, the team positioned Hulk as an enemy to the Earth in 2019. It is written in color by Paul Mounts, in inks by Ruy Jose, and in pencil by Joe Bennets. For sure, the book is a superhero masterpiece. It reveals the value of putting together a zealous creative team and maintaining it for the extensive haul.

Sobek, Short Box

Typically, it takes genuine skill to create a comic that shuns most text. Sobek, which is set in ancient Egypt, stars the titular god. The god assumes the form of a huge alligator. It is created by James Stoke. Literally, you do not have to be versed with the pantheon of ancient Egypt; James uses fine art and a lot of humor that sets the book on solid ground. If you haven’t grabbed one, you would most likely want to see how Sobek leaves feasting once informed about the external threat and the dreadful act that his followers are going through. It is such a sweet story that carries much humor in it.

Witch Hat Atelier, Kodansha Comics

The kamome Shirahama’s comic, Witch Hat Atelier features a girl who tries to study magic ways. It is a sure expression of art, and the well-defined magic systems could make you think the fantasy elements are real. In spite of the stern rules of casting spells, Coco is able to think and find new ways of utilizing old tools creatively. It actually drives the reader into a real adventure full of sweeping energy. The ending is epic, and the next volume seems irresistible.

Bottom Line

There is a lot for you on the internet. If not online games, you have comics to enjoy. Up to now, the Immortal Hulk has made a huge impact, Sobek has been great, and Witch Hat Atelier is such an interesting piece of art. If you haven’t gotten a glimpse of these three and many others that have huge success this year, you need to do so. However, you should consider checking out games on online casinos when you are done with your comic read!

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