01st Aug2019

‘Captain Cat’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Chris Cummings


Having not been playing Nintendo Switch for too long, I’m surprised at just how deep their library of games is. The sheer amount of fun, unusual and affordable titles on the eShop is great, and Captain Cat, a nice pick-up-and-play title from Digital Tentacle and Hidden Trap Team, is a good example of a fun, unusual and affordable game.

I’ve noticed that a lot of titles available on the eShop are great for just grabbing and throwing on for ten minutes when you want to chill out but don’t have a massive amount of spare time. It’s a simple game, and at a price of under £7 it works perfectly for what it sets out to do. So, what DOES it set out to do, exactly?

Captain Cat has you, an, erm… Captain that is a cat, rowing your ship (wait, do you row a ship?) across the top of the screen, and the top of the water, and drop anchor into the seas below. Your anchor moves back and forth, and you have to basically click your controller in order to send the anchor into certain places in order to catch a fish. It’s simple, for sure, upon first view, but as the game goes on things become more challenging. Hazards present themselves and new ways of getting a catch make you think deeper about getting the job done. It can get pretty damn tricky but it’s always easy-going and fun.

The game has the old ‘star rating’ element for completing levels, which if you chase those kind of things offers replay value to you. The frustration of positioning your anchor can cause a bit of a headache, but that’s the point of the game, steadily making it harder for you to move past the obstacles.


Graphically this really is as simple as the game mechanics and concept are. It’s primary with its colour palette and everything looks kinda just “okay” but it does look cute enough. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a mobile-game or not but playing Captain Cat felt like playing a mobile game on the Switch. The price-point though, and fun that can be had playing this, makes the graphics, sound and simplicity acceptable. It won’t be for everyone, but I think puzzle fans, people looking for low-cost eShop titles or folks looking for games to play with their kids will dig it.

Enjoyable and fairly addictive, Captain Cat is a puzzler that is fine for grabbing for a few minutes. It isn’t going to blow your mind or break any barriers, but for what it is, I had fun with it.

*** 3/5

Captain Cat is available on the Nintendo eShop now.


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