30th Jul2019

With Great Passion Comes Great Responsibility: The Best Ways To Express Our Geekiness

by Phil Wheat


The way it used to be, being a geek was the millstone around our necks. Now, there’s never been a better time to be out and proud. Whether you are someone who prides yourself on the various collectibles in your comic book collection, or you are more than happy discussing the finer points of the demise of Tony Stark, down to the eyebrow movements, expressing your geekiness is your fundamental human right. And what if you want to go one step further? Expressing yourself through your passions is accepted in music, art, and culture in general, so let’s do the same. It’s not just about the Comic-Cons!

Social Meetups

It seems perfectly acceptable for music nerds to meet up and discuss the finite points of a bit of music history, or book clubs. Why can’t we go one step further and do the same for those into comic books? Social meetups are good for the soul, especially if you are used to arguing the toss on social media or forums. If you really want to express who you are, you’ve got to take the plunge and put yourself out there. Advertise and meet up where you can discuss these things. Why should it be relegated to just a Comic-Con every now and again?

Pimping Your Ride

It’s never been easier to fix your vehicle so it becomes an extension of who you are. Much like the stylish types learn how to accessorise with the right items, you can do the same thing for your own style with your vehicle. You could get a personalised number plate just to show off your leanings towards Doctor Who. If you’ve got a number plate that is branded “T4RD1S” it’s nice to have someone in the street show some appreciation for the trouble you’ve gone to personalise your plate. And, as a nice little symmetry, if you go for cherished plates, which is a term used to describe dateless number plates before the year 1963, when Doctor Who started, it appeals to that Doctor Who fan who is also a car nut; a fantastic way of ticking all the boxes!

Expanding Your Collection

You may have all the comics in order, and in pristine condition, but what if this isn’t enough? There is something inherently satisfying about a collection of all the accouterments associated, no matter how trivial. Ghostbusters fans could go to the ends of the earth to get those toys that came with the Burger King meal back in the late 80s, and while in one respect, it can be an obsession of sorts to expand your collection, to really gain an appreciation of the finer things in geekdom you’ve got to go to the ends of the earth. Sure, maybe one day you will find that there isn’t enough room for all of these little items of merchandise, but in the meantime, to expand your collection in this manner, it’s a logical extension of who you are.

Sharing Is Caring

Have you ever set up a YouTube channel for all things you? If you feel that you aren’t understood at home, and you want to communicate your love of all things geek, put it on social media. While there’s never been a better time to be out and proud in terms of geekiness, we can still find ourselves hitting obstacles at home, or even in our immediate social circle. Set yourself up a YouTube account, and start showing off your collections, thoughts, and feelings. There’s always going to be someone out there that has the same sort of passion, if not more so, than you. And, you never know, if there ever comes a time that you need to sell some of your beloved items, you know that they will go to a good home if you advertise and through your own YouTube or eBay account. Setting up a small community of like-minded people is just another way to expand your friends’ list. We can feel we are stuck in a particular pocket of society, that we don’t have people around us to share our loves, but this is where you have got to seek these people out, and set up meetings, either online, or in person.

While in one respect, it’s never been easier to profess our love for all things geek, if we feel that we need to go one step further, there are always ways and means to do this, and making sure that our love for all things geek goes to the far reaches of the earth. With great passion comes great responsibility!

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