22nd Jul2019

Living the Fictional High Life!

by James Smith

Living the fictional highlife – Can pop culture’s most famous characters really afford the lives they lead?

Common sense dictates that you only buy what you can afford, and live within your means. It’s a simple idea, and one that will steer you clear of financial difficulties. It’s not a hard rule to live by, but unfortunately it’s a rule many tv and film creators throw out the window when thinking about their characters.

Yes, many of our best loved characters we watch on a daily basis are living lifestyles which their daily incomes in reality could simply not afford.

Take James Bond for example. The iconic British spy who goes by the cover of 007 may be portrayed as being able to live the highlife, but could an MI6 wage really afford the lavish suits and apartments Bond enjoys on screen?

In an attempt to answer this question once and for all, Canstar have created a tool to show you how much these fictional characters earn and if it’s enough to keep up the repayments on their mortgages, as well as showing how long it would take them to pay it off, often, a pretty long time!

Want to find out more? Take a look at the piece below!

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