12th Jul2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #30 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and this one is on time… I think. This week, we’ve got some fine wrestling to cover, which is never a bad thing. Some-times, when I write this, I feel like I’m Mary Berry from “The Great British Bake-Off”. I was pissed when I found out the show wasn’t called “The Great British Baking Show”, because our American version of the title is the wrong one. Any-way, we’ve got our own show-stopper to get to…but it isn’t Shawn Michaels, because he’s back to retirement. Here comes the last week in wrestling.

Best Promo:

The American’s British Vengeance (WWE) – In NXT: UK, Kassius Ohno cut a fabulous promo on Mark Andrews not being a consummate British wrestler, like he is. The audacity of an American saying a Britianite (is that the way to say that) isn’t British enough, that’s heel heat like no other.

Best Moment:

Fatu Conquers (Major League Wrestling) – Jacob Fatu beat Tom Lawlor in a surprise World Title change that I didn’t see coming. Raw had that great LED explosion angle, but Fatu becoming the World Champion was so much more un-expected and thrilling.

Best Move:

Cannon-Ball (Ring Of Honor) – PCO did this move multiple times to Jay Briscoe in a great match that went all over the place.

Best Personality:

Maria Kanellis (WWE) – Maria brilliantly admonished her husband in what amounted to a bad segment with good performances. Maria has come a long way from the ditz she was once booked as a decade or so ago.

Best Character:

Samoa Joe (WWE) – Joe was booked as furious, devious mind that was willing to do any-thing to make his opponent feel small compared to him. It’s nice to see some-body commit to being a heel.

Best Performance:

Moustache Mountain (WWE) – This team had a great showing in the main event of NXT: UK against the Grizzled Young Veterans. While both teams were exciting to watch, MM had a little some-thing extra that just put them over the top.

Best Wrestler:

Rich Swann (Impact Wrestling) – Rich gave a couple of performances that were fantastic and had a match worth remembering, so how can I not feel like he’s the best wrestler of the week?

Best Card:

Slammiversary (Impact Wrestling) – Impact had another great event with an equally great card, featuring Rich Swann versus Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin versus Brian Cage, as well as Sami Callihan versus Tessa Blanchard.

Best Show:

Slammiversary (Impact Wrestling) – Not only did this have a great card, but the show came together every bit as much as it should have when it counted.

Best Match:

Sami Callihan versus Tessa Blanchard (Impact Wrestling) – This was just too damn good, from the drama to the suspense and the twists, all of that adding to the visceral wrestling itself. Inter-gender wrestling might not work for every-body, but when it does, why deny how good it is?

Best League:

Impact Wrestling – With three major events in one weekend, Impact Wrestling managed, warts and all, to have a successful tour of duty that will add to their credibility as a quality league.

Final Verdict: 4/ 5

This wasn’t a perfect week, but it was a strong one, thanks to great matches and bold choices being made at the right time.


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