08th Jul2019

‘WWE Main Event’ Review (July 4th 2019)

by Chris Cummings


So, I’m gonna be reviewing WWE Main Event as it airs in the UK on Thursday nights. I’m not even sure, these days, what day this show airs elsewhere.

Match #1: Dana Brooke vs. Sarah Logan

This week’s show began immediately with Dana Brooke heading to the ring to a decent applause from the crowd. Dana is someone I see improvement in every time I see her. She hasn’t had too many opportunities since heading to the main roster from NXT, so it’s cool to see her given a shot on Main Event and RAW to show her improvements to the world. The cut above her eye is shown that she suffered in a Main Event match a couple of weeks ago against Sarah Logan. Logan is her opponent tonight too, and she heads to the ring and howls like a wolf. Logan is someone I’ve always liked since she competed on the indies as Crazy Mary Dobson. Logan is in control for the early stages of the match. The heel taking down the underdog babyface in Dana.

It’s strange to see the strong Brooke as the babyface underdog when I’m more used to her heel stuff, but it works. The crowd are behind Dana enough here. Brooke shows some of her gymnastic skills in the match and her psychology has got better since she started a few years ago. The two trade moves as the match goes back and forth. They do the typical women-match second turn-buckle spot that’s become tiresome to me. I thought this was fun though, and a good way to highlight two women who aren’t utilised on RAW or SmackDown. There are sloppy and awkward moments once in a while, but overall I thought both Logan and Brooke did a fine job. Logan nails Brooke with a vicious knee to the back to score the pinfall and beating Dana Brooke. A nice victory.

Winner: Sarah Logan

The next segment of Main Event saw a highlight reel of the Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley Falls Count Anywhere match from this week’s episode of RAW that ended with the two men going through the stage wall and causing an explosion. It was old-school sensationalised wrestling silliness, and was a nice change too. There were also clips from other moments from RAW involving Samoa Joe and Kofi Kingston, hyping the match between the two at Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship. Samoa Joe is still one of the best promos in the business.

Match #2: Robert Roode vs. Cedric Alexander

The second and final match this week on Main Event is a singles match between veteran Robert Roode and former 205 Live cruiserweight, Cedric Alexander. Two highly talented workers, it’s hard not to be excited for a match like this, even on a small stage like Main Event. I’m glad Roode is back to being the heel, because the guy works much better in that role. I’m also glad they ditched the moustache as a gimmick, and allowed ole Bobby to go back to the full beard. Small thing, but makes him feel less ridiculous. This was an enjoyable traditional small versus bigger guy match, with a slower paced Roode facing the fast Cedric. The two styles meshed well and there were some nice spots.

I do feel like Cedric doesn’t sell as much as I’d like, but I do enjoy him against the right opponents, and this could be a really nice feud to see continue. Roode is always solid, an old-school worker with a great look. The two throw their signature stuff at each other. This doesn’t really go above the gear you’d expect from a b-show match, but it was still fun. A few close-falls and some nice high-impact offence from Alexander leads to Roode stealing a victory by holding onto the middle rope during his pinfall attempt. Solid heel finish to a decent match.

Winner: Robert Roode

Main event ends with more RAW highlights, including the storyline involving The Undertaker returning to face-off with Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon and the RAW match between Ricochet and AJ Styles which saw the new US Champ Ricochet pick ip a win against Styles. Styles then turned heel by attacking Ricochet after the match along with his Club brethren, Gallows and Anderson. Styles back as a bad-guy? I’m in.

A solid episode of WWE Main Event with two fine matches and highlights of one of the better episodes of RAW in a while. Can’t complain too much about it. I like Logan, Roode and Cedric, and think Dana is improving in the ring. Looking forward to seeing what Main Event has in store next week.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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