03rd Jul2019

The Filmmakers Podcast #115: How To Make a Period World War II Movie for £80k

by Phil Wheat

Here’s the latest episode of the The Filmmakers Podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out previous episodes on the official podcast site, whilst we’ll be featuring each and every new episode as it premieres.

For those unfamiliar, with the series, The Filmmakers Podcast is a podcast about how to make films from micro budget indie films to bigger budget studio films and everything in-between. Our hosts Giles Alderson, Dan Richardson, Andrew Rodger and Cristian James talk how to get films made, how to actually make them and how to try not to f… it up in their very humble opinion. Guests will come on and chat about their film making experiences from directors, writers, producers, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers and distributors. They also shoot the breeze about their new films, The Dare, World of Darkness, Fanged Up, & Retribution too.


The Filmmakers Podcast #115: How To Make a Period World War II Movie for £80K with Fighter Jets and Aerial Battles with the team behind Indie Film Lancaster Skies

This week we are joined by the team behind brilliant indie film Lancaster Skies. Giles Alderson (The Dare, World of Darkness) sits down with director Callum Burn, Producer Andy Burn, Cinematographer Sam Parsons and actor Kris Saddler to chat how they made their World War II epic. We talk about their backgrounds, how they became filmmakers and their journey to Lancaster Skies. We chat how what it is like working with your father and son on indie films. How Callum, Andy and Sam wrote the script together.

We ask Andy what makes a good producer and why they shot Lancaster skies in 5 blocks and all for only £80k. How they built miniatures and the the inside of a spitfire to create the look they wanted. How when they had problems the answers were always ‘make it simple’. And if you build your own sets and make your own world you have so much more control and can save money. We talk to Sam about having very little money for lights. And how to use the budget in the best way you can to light the scene.

We chat how they raised the investment money to make the film through any which way they could. How the budget limited then but also made them think out of the box. How it is important that all filmmakers have to step up to be a film business and make the film to sell and how you can actually make money. We chat with Kris about his acting thoughts and how It took four years to make the film and over that time they built up the fan base on social media and held open days to bring people into and believing in the project.

And we find out that Callum has to redo all the sound with ADR and did the sound Foley in his bedroom which as you can imagine took forever.

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