03rd Jul2019

Fun for zero bucks: Free gaming in 2019

by James Smith


Competition is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter if you are gaming on PC or console (or both!) in the last couple of years, games are getting cheaper. It often happens that only a few weeks after the release, even a triple-A game is available for less cash, especially in digital stores. Also, if you are a member of Xbox Live (Xbox One) or PSN+ (PlayStation 4), you’ll get a few free games every month, and they are yours as long as you are a subscriber. Even PC users can grab a free games as digital distribution platforms such are Steam, Origin, Epic Store or UPlay are giving them away from time to time, and that includes even high budget games from Assassin’s Creed series for example.

Some games are using a free-to-play model, like famed Fortnite and many other strictly online games. Paying a monthly fee to play World of Warcraft or other older MMOs is a rare thing now, as the developers are trying to earn money by implementing microtransactions. While we are not fans of them by any means (and don’t mention loot boxes, please!), if paying for an item is not giving you an advantage, we don’t see any harm in it. It’s one thing when someone gets the better stats and equipment by spilling buckets of cash, and the other when that money is used only for cosmetic purposes. As there are so many free games available, it’s hard to list here those that are having a fair treatment of players who don’t want to spend any cash. Generally, if you are playing on PC, you’ll have a better time than if you stick to phone games. While technically you can play them for free, maybe even for a few hours, you’ll soon discover they have daily limits, which can be unlocked only if you shell out a few bucks. You could be the best player in the world, but no matter how good you are, you’ll hit that wall.

As the tools for building a game are getting cheaper, there are a lot of free projects you should try. Some of them are made using Unreal Engine 4, but they are usually more in the form of a demo or a remake of a popular title from the past, like Unreal 4 engine version of Super Mario 64 which was removed by Nintendo even though it was not a complete game. The situation is tougher for console users, especially since they have to pay to play online. Still, some games don’t require a subscription, and among them are Fortnite Battle Royale, Smite, Dungeons & Dragons, DC Universe Online and a few others. You can find the list of free best adult games and many other similar records which will help you build a vast collection of games you can have fun with without paying a dime, so don’t miss the chance to grab them!

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