03rd Jul2019

‘AEW: Fyter Fest’ PPV Review

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this review of All Elite Wrestling’s Fyter Fest Pay Per View, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and I hope this is good. What else needs to be said? AEW doesn’t need a blemish and can’t afford one.

Match #1: Best Friends defeated Private Party & SCU

This was pretty good. There was lots of action and it made enough sense to not make my head spin. I’ve got no real problems with any of this.

My Opinion: 3.5 out of 5

Match #2: Allie defeated Leva Bates

This was beyond bad. Just get the hell away from this. Allie tried but couldn’t make Bates a good wrestler.

My Opinion: 0 out of 5

Match #3: Michael Nakazawa defeated Alex Jebailey – Hardcore Match

This was pretty lousy, but not for a lack of trying. The idea behind this match just felt off the whole way through. Over-all, this was a waste of space, even though Jebailey looked okay.

My Opinion: 1 out of 5

Match #4: CIMA defeated Christopher Daniels

This felt like it ended just before these guys were going to really hit their stride. The action was sound and meaty. Time was the only enemy of this match. I’d love to see more from these two together. I feel tongue-tied.

My Opinion: 3 out of 5

Match #5: Riho defeated Yuka Sakazaki & Nyla Rose

This was good for what it was, which was a commercial for three people with talent. I don’t know why it was a triple threat, but it didn’t need to be, nor should it have been.

My Opinion: 2.5 out of 5

Match #6: Hangman Page defeated MJF, Jimmy Havoc, & Jungle Boy

Look at the above match for the review for this one. This was a messy bit of fun that had the right winner, given the circumstances.

My Opinion: 2.5 out of 5

Match #7: Cody Rhodes versus Darby Allin (Draw)

This was some fine wrestling that blended two different styles into a strong, thrilling bout. Cody has gotten too damn good. AEW was definitely what he needed. Allin did great here and felt like a main eventer in the making. What a great match.

My Opinion: 4 out of 5

Match #8: The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) defeated The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon and Fenix) and Laredo Kid

This was another dynamite match featuring six fantastic wrestlers. This felt like a Pay Per View match all the way. This was like watching fire-works being set off in a candy factory during Mardi Gras. I bet you’ll go crazy for this match…unless you don’t.

My Opinion: 4 out of 5

Match #9: (Main Event) Jon Moxley defeated Joey Janela – Non-Sanctioned Match

This felt like a World War 1 trench fight. These guys went for any-thing violent thing they could go for and made sure you had every reason to believe that they wanted to kill each other. Joey is insane and probably has a death wish, while Jon thought the floor was trying to piss him off, so he decided to take it out on Joey. I can pretty much say what-ever I want, because this match was as bloody as they come and all you need to know is that I think they both died after the bell rung in favor of Jon…I think it rung. Did it? If you were making an anti-concussion video, the tape of this match would fail immediately. Okay, go watch the World War 1 stock tape fight before the History Channel finds out it got released without them making a buck off of it.

My Opinion: 4 out of 5

News Of The Night:

  1. Shawn Spears accidentally hit Cody Rhodes in the head with a chair (really hard) to start a feud between the two.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

The last three matches carried this through to the finish line. AEW needs to work on its under-card, because you can’t just rely on the last three matches forever. That being said, this was a lot of fun and that’s the big thing.


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