28th Jun2019

eBuying Comics: Week 21

by Ian Wells


On the second weekend of June I attended the inaugral Milton Keynes Film and Comic Con. There is already a review of it up elsewhere on Nerdly, but now I am going to do another comic covention/eBay comparison, I hope it isn’t too hot on the heels of the previous one. In a nutshell it was not a con for trawling through long box after long box of older back issues. There were only to traders selling newer back issues. So I ended up doing something I haven’t really done before and I dipped into the world of variant covers, as well as picking up a few fun looking standalone issues. I think variant covers will always have the stigma attached of being a major part of the comics crash of the 90s. They did go away for a long time but over the last 5 years or so they seem to be creeping back into the norm. DC had 52 variants for Justice League #1 from the New52 which was just ridiculous. They have since curbed it a little more. A key issue like Detective comics #1000 only had about seven variants. Marvel on the other hand are far more forward when it comes to producing variant covers. It might seem critical of me having a go at Marvel for having variants and then going out and buying them. Like I said this was not regular for me and from my own point of view I would only go for a variant cover if the art work was appealing. I’m not going to buy a variant cover because of its rarity and potential sell on value. Previously if I have purchased variants I have only purchased the variant I have brought the regular issue for reading and the variant as an collectable. It just go in the long box with everything else.

I’ll start with the last two comics I picked up on the day. They were Mike Cho variants for Old Man Logan #2 and All New Wolverine #5 respectively. Now I have both of these comics already with the regular covers so I wouldn’t normally buy the issue again. But when I saw them I just fell in love with them and think they will make a nice display piece framed on the wall. I paid £4 each for them which is a quarter for what I found them on eBay. I only found one Old Man Logan #2 from a UK seller. They were asking £19.95 but it did have free postage and the chance to make an offer working in its favour. the cheapest international listing came in at £11.32 but with £18 P+P. For All New Wolverine #5 there are currently no UK based sellers with this comic. Just to highlight the extremes of eBay there is one Us seller with this comic in a GCG slab graded 9.6 for £35 + £20 P+P. You know full well someone took this straight from a comic shop to a CGC grader. I have seen videos of comic shop owners unboxing comics. In my opinion nothing should be NM! That is without seeing how couriers handle it and how it is treated at the printing factory. I think I have stated before one of my biggest pet hates it people getting brand new comics graded and slabbed! Each to their own I guess though. From another trader at the con I picked up a recent Daredevil annual, Daredevil #609, Weapon X 12 and hunt For Wolverine Dead Ends all variant covers all for £1. Again I have to confess I have the Wolverine Dead Ends issue but it was so boring I honestly didn’t remember reading it which is why I thought I was treating myself by picking up the variant cover. Like wise I have Weapon X #12 but couldn’t resist the lenticular cover and yes I am aware that makes me sound like a 90’s Wednesday Warrior! You can still find both issues on eBay for UK cover price so nothing to write home about there. The same goes for the Daredevil annual with the variant cover by Gerardo Zaffino. Things slightly vary with Daredevil #609. I brought the ‘Battle Lines’ variant by Jong-Ju Kim. Again currently no UK sellers have this comic listed and there a major disparities between prices. The cheapest I found came in at £5.49 and the most expensive was £19.64, this has a make offer option on it though. My most expensive purchase of the day was £3.79 for All New X-Men #1 with the Ed Piskor ‘hip-hop- variant. Ed Piskor is a very popualr creator at the moment with his Hip-Hop Family Tree series and his recent take on the X-Men in Grand Designs. So I was expecting this to be of higher value on eBay. We all know what specualtors are like after all. You can still find this for cover price from US sellers. It is even available cheaper than what I paid if you want to break the bank on postage!

Lastly I picked up three of the Marvel True Believers line. The first two were part of Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday celebration. They were Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. which reprints #135 and Thor vs Hulk which reprints material from Jourey into Mysyery #112 and Avengers #3. I picked both of these up for 99p. Which is one penny cheaper than thier original retail price. Another of my pet hates s people trying to make a quick buck on these reprints of key issues. The cheapest I found for both was £3.99. I mean really! I also picked up True Believers Wolverine X-23, which is terribly named comic whne you think about it. It reprints X-23 Innocence Lost #1. Again I paid 99p, but things differ greatly on eBay. The closet thing we get to a good samaritan is a seller with a listing for £2.25 with free P+P. Sateside things get ridiculous. A 9.8 GCG slabbed copy of this comic is going for £39. This highlights a good point actually. This X-23 True Believers comic I believe was released in build up to the release of Logan which was the first live action depiction of X-23. So someone is trying to make a huge profit on this comic because of its big screen collections where as the other two True Believers I picked up which showcase the career of a comics legend aren’t listed for nowhere near as much. Its little things like this that show the true face of comic fandoms current climate.

In conclusion after making my convention and eBay price comparisons I would say a new smaller con like the Milton Keynes Film and Comic Con is a ood place to pick up cheapr variants. As opposed to a larger con with more comic traders who are looking to make bigger profits.

Shopping Cart

Marvel Premiere #19 Featuring Iron Fist Marvel Comics – £9.00 (Free P+P).

I had this comic on my watch lost for a very long time. The reason being it is the first advert apperance of Wolverine a head of Incredible Hulk #181. So for the Wolverine history I needed this issue I just didn’t want to go to high on it. Some sellers were privy to the signifance of this issue and made mention of it in their listing and therefore were asking upwards of £30. Upon doing my research I also discovred this issue is the first apperance of Colleen Wing. With her high popularity after the Netflix series the £30 price mark seemed fair. This listing originally was for £15.99. I done my usual trick and made a offer of £7.50 which was rightfully rejected. After months on my watch the list the seller eventully offered it to me for £9 which I snapped up. The comic is in a good condition, I would rate it F+ maybe even VF-.

Grim Jack 26. Rare. Early Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Story. 1986. First. – £3.49 (Free P+P).

An excellent find. I have heard Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan talk passionately about Grim Jack comics on various podcasts. It certainly does sound like a great concept so when I saw this issue for sale I thought I would use the familair TMNT as an entry point. The Turtles were a little over two years old when this comic came out so I believe the sellers statment when they call it ‘rare’. It is listed as VFN-NM so it will be interesting to see the condition upon arrival.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtles in Time #1 IDW VF+ – Starting Price 99p – Sold For 99p +£1.80 P+P.

Originally I had a selection of Turtles comics all listed for £1.20. They had plenty of views and a couple of watchers but ultimately went unsold. When the auctions ended I changed the starting price to 99 pence for all of them. Again I got views, but this time no watchers… strange. Eventually this one sold at its starting price.


In the spotlight this week I am focsuing on The Question. A character with a shall I say messy background, creation wise I mean. Originally created by Steve Ditko in 1967 for Charlton Comics before eventually becoming a DC character twenty years later. The original Charlton version of The Question was the inspiration for Rorschach in Alan Moore’s Watchmen. And in modern times the mantle of The Question was taken up by fan favourite Renee Montoya. The Question is a fantastic premise, one that deserves to be explored further in live action media but I believe the rights are tangled up somewhere.

Blue Beetle #1 (1967)

  • 9.8 (NM) – 338
  • 6 (F) – £115
  • 2 (G) – £38

The Question #1 (1987)

  • 9.8 (NM) – £3.70
  • 6 (F) – 67p
  • 2 (G) – 16p

52 #48

  • 9.8 (NM) – £3
  • 6 (F) – 56p
  • 2 (G) – 15p



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