24th Jun2019

Five Best Online Jobs for a Gaming Nerd

by James Smith


Let’s face it: being a nerd doesn’t come cheap. All those movies, video games, books, graphic novels, TV series, and other passionate pursuits require moolah – frequently the kind of money that makes a significant dent in one’s savings. However, it’s never a good idea to dip into your savings just to buy, say, upgrades and accessories for a video game. A savings account should first and foremost be allotted for emergency and other more pressing needs.

Aside from money, another precious commodity among gamers (and nerds in general) is time. Taking on additional streams of income would require careful scheduling of when to log in for work, and when to devote time to the gaming lifestyle. This is the main reason why office-based jobs would hardly work for gaming nerds – there’s just too much invested time and money required for them. With that in mind, a home-based position is your best bet.

It’s a great thing that there are now legit online jobs you can do without leaving your home – or even your computer gaming chair, for that matter! We’ve rounded up five of the best ones to try today so you can fund your nerdy pursuits without breaking the bank or maxing your credit card.

Game and app beta testing

If you’re a serious (or even a casual) gamer, then you would be familiar with the frustrations associated with a buggy game. This is where beta-testers for apps, websites, and games come in.

What is required of a beta tester is to check if a game, app, or site is working as it is intended to – meaning there should be no bugs, it’s user-responsive, or if there are some things that are missing, lagging, or inconsistent. Coding is not a requirement for this particular desk-bound task; just focus, attention to detail, and the willingness to test out something before it is rolled out to the general public. It’s fun, easy, and pays you while playing games – what’s not to love about game beta testing, especially if you’re already a gamer?

Survey-taking for online rewards sites

GPT (get-paid-to) and survey sites are some of the most popular home-based tasks people now take on to augment their income. The jobs are comfortable, and basically the kind you would typically do when you go online. The surveys involved are a tool for partner businesses and advertisers to get honest and thorough feedback from ordinary consumers, which they can use to better their products and services, in turn.

Aside from surveys, some of the most common tasks you can do as a member of an online rewards site include playing games (yes!), downloading apps, completing offers, watching videos, and even referring other people to sign up with them. A legit survey site offers free membership, several rewards (including in-kind and cash), and a speedy payment processing system with a reasonable minimum withdrawal amount.

Audio transcription

If you’re a gamer, chances are you already own a good and reliable pair of headphones. Audio transcription might also be your cup of tea for some extra income. If you have excellent typing and listening skills and are willing to be trained for medical or legal terminology, then you’re practically a shoo-in.

Audio transcribers are in high demand among in the medical, pharmaceutical, academic, journalism, and legal fields today. Transcriptionists are usually paid well to create a text document from an audio recording, and craft it well enough to be deemed useful by the person or company that requires it. Some companies require their audio transcriptionists to undergo further training for some jargon and contextual information, but they are often compensated handsomely for these.

Distributed computing

Distributed computing is all about allowing a company to rent your computer’s processing power in exchange for payment. You will earn some money just by leaving your computer running (after installing specific software and signing up with a trustworthy provider). There are legit companies that process and facilitate this kind of set-up between personal computers and data centers, and they usually have open source systems and security layers in place. Most legit distributing computing outfits offer secure payments via PayPal or Bitcoin, as well.

Virtual assistance

Otherwise known as “remote personal assistants,” the job of a VA often entails anticipating a remote client’s digital needs, including scheduling, reserving seats, flights, or tickets, making sure deadlines are met, handling social media accounts, and other tasks requiring time management and problem-solving. It’s a lot like a secretary’s work, but with everything done online or through phone calls.

It is easy enough to accomplish the work of a virtual assistant during the prescribed and agreed-upon hours each day, provided there is no scope creep involved – there have been some incidents of VAs suddenly being required to continually be on-call by the client at all hours of the day, for one. To avoid this kind of dilemma, make sure everything you are expected to do and all processes and schedules involved are on paper so you can manage expectations about both the job and client.

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