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‘RIng of Honor’ Wrestling Review (June 16th 2019)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a big four way match for the main event. Let’s get right to it and John Wick the hell out…I forgot the joke.

Match #1: Hirooki Goto defeated Hikuleo

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

This match between NJPW competitors pitted the veteran Goto against the up-and-coming Hikuleo, the 6-foot-8 younger brother of The Guerillas of Destiny’s Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa. Goto hit a big clothesline for a near fall, but Hikuleo answered with a superplex for a near fall. Hikuleo then turned Goto inside out with a clothesline, but Goto kicked out at two. Goto eventually finished off the youngster after hitting Ushigoroshi and GTR.

My Opinion: 2.5 out of 5 – This was a fun bout that gave Hikuleo a chance to fight an established professional in Goto, who gave the rookie a lot to work with.

Match #2: WOH World Champion Kelly Klein and Jenny Rose vs. The Allure (Angelina Love and Mandy Leon w/Velvet Sky)

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After Klein and Rose made their entrance, The Allure attacked them from behind and laid them out. The match never got started. It was announced afterward that the match will take place at the Best in the World pay-per-view on June 28.

My Opinion: 0 out of 5 – Well, kiss my ass. This was another dumb bait and switch for a match that didn’t sound that good to begin with.

Match #3: LifeBlood (Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams) and PJ Black defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger, Eli Isom and Ryan Nova)

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Haskins, Williams and Black isolated Nova and worked him over. Nova eventually tagged in Isom, who ran wild on all three of his opponents. Isom landed a moonsault off the top rope onto Haskins on the floor. Later, Williams hit a Death Valley Driver on Nova. Black followed with a moonsault/double stomp on Nova for the win.

My Opinion: 3 out of 5 – This was a bunch of quick, exciting moves that had some fine wrestling in between the mayhem.

Match #4: (Main Event) Jeff Cobb won a Four Corner Survival Match over Jay Lethal, PCO and RUSH

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

PCO scored the first near fall after hitting a Vader Bomb on RUSH. Cobb got on a roll, hitting a standing vertical suplex on RUSH, an overheard throw on PCO and a spinning side slam on Lethal. He covered Lethal for a near fall. PCO hit a pop-up powerbomb on Lethal, but Cobb made the save. Cobb hit a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault on PCO, but RUSH made the save. RUSH landed a release overheard belly to belly suplex on Cobb, but Lethal made the save. PCO went for a senton off the top rope onto RUSH on the apron, but RUSH moved out of the way and PCO hit the apron with a sickening thud. Lethal hit Lethal Injection on RUSH, but RUSH was able to roll out of the ring. At that point, Kenny King came down to ringside. Lethal was momentarily distracted. That allowed Cobb to snatch Lethal and hit Tour of the Islands for the victory.

My Opinion: 3.5 out of 5 – This was more of my kind of thing. The wrestling was crisp and precise, with a bit more of the ROH style than I like, but they used it well and had PCO there to substantiate how wild all of this chaos actually looks to us (PCO sells like it’s a car wreck, as they all should). This eclectic group of fighters made for the kind of match that surprises you with its energy as much as it does with action. I’m really spit-balling if I’m saying stuff like “energy”. I thought that everybody worked really well here and made this match into something of a spectacle, which works well for the blockbuster mentality of summer. Have you noticed that I write more for the stuff I like and less for the stuff I don’t like? I feel bad about that, but I just can’t get excited about bad wrestling. This was good wrestling, so it gets more time from me. Anyway, this was one of the better Ring Of Honor matches this year and I’m glad I had a shot at watching it.

News Of The Night:

  1. Kelly Klein and Jenny Rose fight The Allure (Angelina Love and Mandy Leon w/Velvet Sky) at Best In The World.
  2. Best-Of-Three Series Match 2: Kenny King vs. Jay Lethal (King leads series, 1-0) will happen next week.

Final Verdict: 3/5

The main event and most of the other matches made this an easy watch, as well as the good build toward Best In The World.


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