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WWE Smackdown Live – June 18th 2019: Results & Review

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Smackdown Live review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have Richard Burton and Rex Harrison @!#$?&%/ at each other for two hours about being gay. Yeah, that’s a reference to Stanley Donen’s film adaptation of “Staircase”. I’m watching TCM. What’s wrong with that? I heard this movie sucked. Harrison is a bit over the top, but Burton does well with a character that seems to be almost completely insane…almost. Strike that. Harrison’s character seems insane and Burton’s role is just a jerk. Wait, Smackdown. The delete button is still out of the budget, so “Staircase” stays in the review. Okay, let’s see if FOX is still interested in keeping this show on its roster this autumn.

Match #1: Dolph Ziggler def. Xavier Woods

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With the animosity between Ziggler and The New Day at a fever pitch, Woods squared off with Dolph, as Kingston and Big E watched from ringside. Ziggler was clearly on a mission to make Woods pay for his actions at WWE Super ShowDown, which arguably cost Dolph the chance to win the WWE Title. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn suddenly rushed down to ringside and blindsided Kofi & Big E while Woods was in high gear. Xavier wiped out Kevin & Sami with an awe-inspiring crossbody from the top rope, but Ziggler took advantage of the distraction by dropping Xavier with a ring-rattling DDT. The official banned KO, Zayn and New Day from ringside, leaving Woods and Ziggler to tangle one-on-one. The Showoff shut down a flurry from Woods by connecting with a superkick square to the jaw that sent Woods spiraling to the floor. Ziggler followed up with a Zig Zag that seemingly would have gotten the job done, but Dolph was hellbent on punishing Woods. He tied up his foe in the rope before delivering another precision superkick that sent Xavier crumpling to the mat for the 1-2-3. Ziggler’s message was yet again clear: He was coming for the WWE Title this Sunday.

My Opinion: 3.5 out of 5 – This was exciting enough to me. I thought the action was the sort of full-bodied affair you’re looking for from a match. Ziggler is still one of the most interesting and consistent wrestlers around and for him to have the title feud that he should have had six years ago right now is… That was too long of a sentence. I should have cut that honker in half, but no delete button could be found. Maybe I should take out a loan on one? This was one of those matches that might not do so much for some, but…boy, am I losing sight of what I was saying. This was good stuff. There. Let’s move on to the next.

Match #2: Heavy Machinery def. The B-Team

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With SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan at the commentary table and The Beard ranting about how he and his towering partner are in a league of their own in the tag team division, Heavy Machinery looked to take down former Raw Tag Team Champions The B-Team to prove once and for all that they’ve earned the right to challenge the titleholders on Sunday. Otis & Tucker continued to impress with a barrage of punishing strikes before finishing off the duo with their staggering Compactor double-team for the win, gaining another convincing victory before challenging the champs at WWE Stomping Grounds.

My Opinion: 2 out of 5 – Well, this got Mr. Perfect Jr. on TV, so you’ve got that to work with.

Match #3: Drew McIntyre & Elias def. The Miz & R-Truth (Tag Team Elimination Match)

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The Miz continued to bring the fight to Shane McMahon and crew in this impromptu Tag Team Elimination Match, as he and R-Truth (who had the 24/7 Title sanctions suspended for the duration of this contest) battled Drew McIntyre & Elias. The former “Awesome Truth” unit squared off against the imposing duo of The Scottish Psychopath & The Living Truth, but fortunes changed for The A-Lister when Shane interfered behind the official’s back, taking down Miz and causing enough of a distraction for Elias to catch Truth with a flush knee to eliminate him. Truth’s elimination left The Miz vulnerable to Drew & Elias, but Truth first had to get out of dodge as yet another gaggle of WWE Superstars chased him immediately following his elimination. The Miz would now go it alone, having to deal with not only McIntyre and Elias, but also Shane’s consistent interruptions whenever the referee was distracted. Miz looked like he was making significant strides against Elias, but the numbers game caught up to him, with McIntyre finishing him off with the dastardly combo of a massive headbutt and the Claymore Kick for the win.

My Opinion: 2 out of 5 – I think there was some nice wrestling in here…somewhere. This all felt like a ruse to do more story-line nonsense. Why can’t matches be booked for their own sake, rather than just to further angles that may not even draw? Walter Matthau looked 60 when he was 22. That little fact was more thrilling than this match. Yeah, I’m watching Cactus Flower now.

Match #4: (Main Event) Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston def. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens (2-out-of 3 Falls Match)

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With Universal Champion Seth Rollins continuing to terrorize any Special Guest Referee options Baron Corbin entertains, The Beastslayer’s arrival on the blue brand via the Wild Card Rule put him in the crosshairs of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, prompting The Architect to team up with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to take on the meddlesome duo in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. Kingston wasted no time, catching Sami off-guard with a picture-perfect Trouble in Paradise for a three-count right at the opening bell to give his team a 1-0 lead. After an intense fight, The Architect finally caught KO with an emphatic stomp for the three-count and the 2-0 sweep, sealing a monumental victory for the champions en route to their must-see title defenses at WWE Stomping Grounds.

My Opinion: 3.5 out of 5 – Well, this is a bizarre week. Two 2/3 Falls tag matches on WWE TV in one week. Did Vince fall asleep and wake up watching Nacho Libre? Maybe that needs to happen more often. It’s a freaking wrestling match on a wrestling show. Holy $#!@! This was a fine wrestling bout that made for an excellent capper to an awful show. Well, the opener was good too. Anyway, this worked very well for a main event and leaves next week’s Smackdown with something to strive for.

News Of The Night:

  1. Shane McMahon and The Miz are still feuding.
  2. Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth might be feuding over the 24/7 Title.
  3. Seth Rollins attacked The B Team to prevent them from becoming the referees for the Universal Title match at Stomping Grounds.
  4. The Bayley/Nikki Cross conflict continued on Alexa Bliss’s talk show segment, with Nikki brawling with Bayley and all that.

Final Verdict: 2.5/5

This had the potential, but it fell short of being truly captivating, mostly due to focusing on lame story-lines.


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