12th Jun2019

Smart Ways to Fund your Gaming Experience

by James Smith


Developing your own game from start to finish is far from straightforward. Of course, you need to have a clear vision and the artistic and programming skills to realise it, but without money the project won’t get very far. Starting from scratch takes a lot of hard work but with careful planning there are a number of ways to fund your gaming experience. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

Short-term loan

Securing a short-term loan could give you the cash injection you need to get through the first stages of development. Of course, you should have a plan of how you will pay it back on time, so have your finances in order first. Taking out a short-term loan from a reliable lender means you can make a start and if you manage to pick up additional funding, this can then be used to pay off any remaining loan balance you may have.

Using your own savings

This is probably the most obvious option available to you. Much will depend on how much savings you have to rely on. If you have enough to get started, it allows you to shape your initial vision without compromise or interference from outside sources. It should follow that if you have the skills to develop a game, you should also have the nous to fund the early stages of development too. Using your own savings may enable you to develop something presentable that can then be used to source additional funding.


This has become an increasingly popular choice for many creatives looking to get their projects off the crowd, with sites like Kickstarter leading the way. It involves a lot of time and energy to make it work and the money will not just start to roll in once you have set-up a page. Be sure to balance the books in terms of the commitment you make to your backers when it comes to extras they will receive for investing in the project. This can quickly add up and the money you raise will have to pay for this too.


Sites like the UK Games Fund receive money from the UK Government to provide grants up to as much as £25,000 to help new and fledgling developers to create early stage prototypes. At present they have received funding to last up to 2020 to support a core range of talent and titles. The application can be done online via their website when the next round of funding is open. They also have a development programme entitled Tranzfuser, aimed at finding exciting new talent currently studying at college and university.

Outside investment

Investment initiatives like Greenshoots (run by Creative England in conjunction with Microsoft) offer the chance for developers to secure repayable investments of up to £100,000. It is aimed at SME gaming companies based outside of Greater London who can show real growth potential based on new and exciting games. If you meet the right criteria you stand a good chance of securing funding to help with marketing and making sure the game is seen and heard. Over the years games like Q.U.B.E.2 and Aaero have taken this route to huge success.

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