06th Jun2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #28 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and because this one is running a bit late, I’ll just combine it with the one that I would normally do to make it a double-shot deal. I know. These things have been falling behind recently, but I still like writing them, so I’m still gonna keep at them. Okay, let’s see how it all went over the past few weeks.

Best Promo:

Dolph Is Mad As Hell… (WWE) – Dolph cut a great promo about how he needed to be the WWE World Champion, even if it was at the expense of Kofi Kingston.

Best Moment:

Rhodes Brothers Family Feel Good Variety Hour (All Elite Wrestling) – Well, this is new. AEW had Cody and Dustin Rhodes in their epic brawl, but the resolution of the match featured Cody stopping Dustin from retiring so they could challenge The Young Bucks to a match in the near future.

Best Move:

Rear Naked Choke (Major League Wrestling) – Tom Lawlor used this to put ol’ Avalanche away in their brief, yet enjoyable World Title match.

Best Personality:

Paul Heyman (WWE) – Paul is Paul and that usually is more than enough for the large portion of people. Heyman is just too convincing a personality.

Best Character:

Jon Moxley (All Elite Wrestling) – Moxley did more with his brawl at the end of Double Or Nothing than he did in all of his time in the WWE. This was way beyond the Lunatic Fringe thing.

Best Performance:

Dustin Rhodes (All Elite Wrestling) – Dustin turned back the clock and became who he was always supposed to be, which is a great wrestler.

Best Wrestler:

Rich Swann (Major League Wrestling, Impact Wrestling) – Rich has been having a great few weeks. I’m glad he’s been able to recover so well from the whole beaten-wife controversy and get his life back together, career and all. Good for him.

Best Card:

Double Or Nothing (All Elite Wrestling) – I gave it a five out of five, even with its numerous mistakes. This was a great card, even when it didn’t quite reach its potential.

Best Show:

Double Or Nothing (All Elite Wrestling) – Ditto from above.

Best League:

All Elite Wrestling – Are you sensing a pattern?

Best Match:

The Young Bucks versus The Lucha Bros. (All Elite Wrestling) – This was a perfect match, or close enough to fool me twice.

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

These past few weeks have leaned heavily on the indies, but that’s fine, because they have delivered.


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