28th May2019

‘The Shipment’ Short Film Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Aleks Paunovic, Ishana Bala, Robert Maillet, Omari Newton, Adrian Petriw | Written and Directed by Bobby Bala


Short film almost always equals low budget. Now, this is of course not a problem, but I point it out when talking about The Shipment because it either spends a low budget extremely well or it has a much bigger budget than any short I have watched before [this was actually made for $1million! – Editor Phil].

I say this because of how visually stunning The Shipment is. I was not expecting it to look this great. The spaceships look futuristic, vast and stylish, the characters (through practical effects and CGI I believe) look like something out of a new Star Wars movie and the world which it is all surrounded by looks nothing short of jaw-dropping! The Shipment really does need to be seen to believed. I could easily assume that the budget for the CGI effects alone took up the majority of this films budget. One of my favourite things about big sci-fi movies is the look of them, and The Shipment gets everything just right. It takes place in a world I would love to see much more of.

Veteran actor Aleks Paunovic (who I recognised most recently from Netflix series Van Helsing) is a good choice for the lead role, even if there isn’t actually a whole lot of dialogue. He looks the part and comes across likeable enough as the single father wanting to do what is best for his daughter. We learn that the mother is gone and he must make some difficult ethical choices if he wants any kind of future for his daughter. His daughter is played by Ishana Bala, in what is her first role, so it’s surprising how confident she comes across. It’s not a big role but she does really well. The other notable cast member, for me at least, was Robert Maillet. Or ‘Kurrgan’ as I knew him from his professional wrestling days. He pops it in movies I watch every now and then (recently Deadpool 2) and at almost seven feet tall, he’s hard to miss! He’s in his usual role of someone who likes to fight and he’s good at that so perfect for the part!

Despite running at about twenty five minutes, the director manages to give us a good enough amount of background story while chucking us straight in to the action. We feel like we know the characters almost immediately, we know who is ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and we want a happy ending.

Like the best short films The Shipment plays perfectly as a standalone movie but leaves you begging for more. This exact story but expanded to at least an hour and thirty minutes would be fantastic.

One Response to “‘The Shipment’ Short Film Review”

  • Thank you for the wonderful review! We had a lot of fun making this film and we’re happy that people are resonating with it. We’ve spent the last five years putting it together and are thrilled to finally get it out in the world. Hopefully we can make a bigger version one day :)

    – Arun Fryer, Producer