21st May2019

‘Zoombies 2’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Erica Sturdefant, Jonathon Buckley, Jarrid Masse, Terra Strong, Jumarcus Mason, Caleb Thomas, Peter Stickles, Troy Castaneda, Adam Meredith, Ashley Alva, Jaime Nungaray, Himanshu Prasad | Written by Scotty Mullen | Directed by Glenn R. Miller


Who would have thought that The Asylum’s seemingly quick cash-in on the hype around Zombeavers, Zoombies, would actually get a sequel. Well it has… and it turns out its a damn good one too. Oh and it also turns out this “sequel” is anything but. In fact Zoombies 2 leads directly into the events of the first film!

Zoombies 2 follows a group of poachers who, in the midst of being arrested by a park ranger, end up in the middle of a zombie animal attack in a wildlife consevation preserve! However instead of arresting the poachers, the ranger ends up saving them and eventually forges an uneasy alliance wth the group in order to stop the beasts before the super-zombie virus spreads to entire world. But this is a prequel. So we know their efforts are, ultimately, futile.

What’s more interesing about Zoombies 2 however is how it builds on the mythos of the first film, adding to the back-story of the zombie animal outbreak; all the while giving the audience what it wants – undead animals! The idea that it was a poachers homemade hunting toxin that started the madness, and with a meerkat of all creatures just also adds to the hilarity.

And that’s probably because part of the fun of these movies is seeing just which particular creatures are going to end up zombiefied and unleashing their flesh-eating rage on the unsuspecting cast of humans. The fact that Zoombies 2 starts with an angry, man-eating, flesh-gouging meerkat rampaging against the poachers makes this all the more fun. He’s one angry little furball!

What’s also great about Zoombies 2 is just how well it mixes laughs and horror. It’s always a fine line when it comes to horror-comedies but thankfully this film gets its 100% right. Just when you think the films going too far into madcap comedy it throws in some terrifying creature attack or some over the top gore. What helps is that the cast play everything straight-faced, like its one of the most terrifying films ever – even when their actions are, frankly, ridiculous. Yet by avoiding playing the film for laughs it balances out the more insane nature of the films story. And yes, this story is insane!

Yes the CGI is ridiculously bad and the veritable army of undead animals look like they should belong in a video game rather than a movie but ultimately, taking all those things into account, it all makes for one hell of a fun film, and makes Zoombies 2 easily one of my favourite films from The Asylum in some time.

Zoombies 2 is available on iTunes now.


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