20th May2019

Watch Now: Tony Khan speaks to ITV ahead of Double Or Nothing

by Phil Wheat


It’s only been 12 days since World of Sport broadcaster ITV and AEW announced their partnership to air Double or Nothing on the ITV Box Office channel, with the Double or Nothing pre-show to air on ITV4 – presumably as a warm-up for UK fans still wondering if the PPV will be worth a buy (it will be).

That HUGE news is still reverberating around the wrestling community – especially after the follow-up announcement that TNT are set to air AEW weekly television in the US. It all seems like payback for Vince McMahon basically plundering the World of Sport roster for NXT:UK. (we all know how petrified McMahon was when WoS returned, ramping up his plans for a UK-based WWE roster in the wake of the shows initial broadcast) and what happened almost 20 years ago at the end of the Monday Night Wars… the death of WCW.

Well in the wake of the ITV announcement the company released a sit-down interview with co-founder and President of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, to talk more about the upcoming PPV and what the future holds for the partnership between AEW and ITV; and it makes for very interesting watching.

My takeaway from it? That this it NOT just a PPV deal between the two companies… Check it out for yourself below:


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