01st May2019

Vegas in your Living Room

by James Smith

Credit: Warner Bros.

Driven by positive feedback

From our very first year alive, humans love to press buttons that light up and make a sound. The thrilling sensation of positive feedback continues to drive humans even as adults. This is one of the reasons that casinos have become so popular over the years. With slot games, the brief “ding” that comes after every small win, and the long melody after a bigger win is rewarding for the brain and enthralling.

As we have moved into a more digital era, the casino industry jumped onboard and you can now find multiple online casinos with an extensive list of games both on your laptop, tablet and your smartphone. As it’s become so much more accessible, it’s risen in popularity for both men and women in everyday households. Many go online to play to relieve everyday stress, overthinking or just to get easy entertainment, but it’s important to set out clear limits for yourself so that you play responsibly and maintain healthy betting habits.

Having a set budget and maximum time you want to play as well as taking breaks is wise. Because of its compelling nature, online casino companies encourage you to play responsibly but you also have to set out to play sensibly yourself. If you set these boundaries up before you even start it will be easier to enjoy slot games for a bit of fun.

How to get started

Once you have registered on the online casino platform you wish to play slots on, you should use up the free credits before you start spending real money and activate any bonus rounds you might get. That will help you get a good grasp for how a certain game works before you start betting.

There are so many online slot machines these days that you will definitely find one of your choice, no matter on which digital platform you are using. Depending on your preferences, you might prefer a simple approach and turn to a 3-reel slot, or if you want a more complex slot game you can go for the 5-reels or hexagonal games that involve multiple features. A lot of slot games will contain special features such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, bonus games, re-spins and nudges.

These days you have a range of online slot machines with different themed-content, not just the traditional fruit machines. There will also be a variety of different betting adjustments and winning patterns across the slot machines so take your time when finding the ones you prefer playing on. New ones are being launched every month and having so much to choose from can be an overwhelming experience. Read more about popular slot games before you start so that you can find which ones suit your needs and likes best.

Things to consider

The convenience of being able to play from your home in just a pyjamas, is one of the reasons it appeals to so many people. It’s a form of easy entertainment with a bit of thrill that when done in a controlled environment can be very joyful, as long as you play sensibly. If you take regular breaks you will find you can enjoy the games more.

Although there are those few that has taken home the big jackpot betting next to nothing, it’s a much healthier approach to go in with the idea of having a bit of fun rather than expecting a huge return. Of course, the prospect of hitting the jackpot or getting some lucky wins is a big motivator behind the thrill of playing, but it’s healthier to be driven by the enjoyment of the game rather than money alone.


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