01st May2019

‘Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #7’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Jody Houser | Art by Roberta Ingranata | Published by Titan Comics


Seven issues in already, where did that time go? In the entertainment bank, that’s where. It’s been a great half year of issues, and I still stand by my comment that I find the comic book far more entertaining than the last TV series was. The BBC need to make Jody Houser a creative consultant or something, as she gets more emotion and fun out of these characters than the show does. But I digress.

Last issue continued the mystery of the ‘Hidden Human History’ podcast, and how that podcast seems to be predicting where and when the TARDIS is going to pitch up. Sixteenth century Europe, Eighteenth Century America, doesn’t matter. The Stilean Flesh Eaters continue their appearances as well, as does a ever so slightly jealous Doctor, who doesn’t like to be outshone by anyone, let alone a podcast. As mysteries start to pile up, things take another turn when the Time Agency suddenly appears. How are they involved in all this? Time to find out….

Turns out the Time Agency agents are Schulz and Perkins, the two amateur time travellers helped by The Doctor in the first story arc of the book. It’s just been a few weeks since The Doctor and companions had that adventure, but it’s been nearly ten years for Schultz and Perkins. Ah, time travel and all that timey wimey stuff. They’ve been tracking temporal disturbances which, as it turns out, are spelt TARDIS. Yep, unknown to them, they’ve been tracking The Doctor. They decide to stay and assist the hunt for the Stileans, though The Doctor is keeping them at arm’s length. Friends as they were (are?), she doesn’t trust the Time Agency. At all. Although the Flesh Eaters are good at hiding, The Doctor hits on a novel way to find them. Her blood. Her sonic screwdriver can track the blood one of those creatures took from her when it bit her last time round. Nice. Find them she does, but things have taken a unexpected turn once again.

Turns out she has changed one of them; her blood has given it longevity, and it has also changed in the sense they extract blood from humans and leave them living, whereas in the past they always killed. In fact, The Doctor has a pretty sensible conversation with the Stilean, starts to gain its trust, before Schultz and Perkins come piling in shooting and spoil everything. The Stileans flee, leaving a very peeved Doctor. One thing the two Time Agents do let slip though is that everyone at the Time Agency is also listening to that podcast. How can a podcast be listened to in the present and the future? hmmm. The podcast does give The Doctor the heads up where to head next though, nineteenth century Canada. The game is afoot. Or still afoot. Or something.

Once again, the high point of this issue is The Doctor’s dialogue, Jody Houser putting perfect words and comments in her mouth. Humorous, witty, slight sarcasm every now and then, and a bucketful of optimism and positive thinking. Just perfect. The story’s not too shabby either. Although I still miss Rachael Stott’s art, Roberta Ingranata seems a very decent replacement, and her art is a good fit for this incarnation of The Doctor. Her likenesses tend to be hit and miss, but she captures the mannerisms and posture very well, and I like her pacing and page layouts.

Another solid, fun issue with teases of plenty more to come. This is one Doctor you should be happy to revisit every month.

**** 4/5

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #7 is out now from Titan Comics.


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