22nd Mar2019

Reasons to Try Out an Escape Room at Least Once

by James Smith


You could not but hear at least a portion of all the hype around escape rooms. For some they are exciting, for others terrifying, for some boring, and for others brain-twisting, However, whatever people around you may say, there is no better way to form your personal opinion on them than trying to solve one of its puzzles. By bringing friends and turning this whole thing into a new experience for the whole group of people you may reach a new trust level with them.

However, to begin with, let us dwell upon the term of escape rooms and its main themes. As you might have already understood, an escape room is a place from which you have to escape by solving certain tasks within a limited amount of time. There is a variety of themes private escape rooms in London including https://komnata.co.uk/london/ have to offer their customers. There you can find anything from a crime scene to Zombieland that means it will suit any taste and preference.

Main Reasons Why an Escape Room Is Worth Giving A Shot

We all know these times when it seems you have already been to all the exciting places, cafes, cinemas, theaters, music and art events with your friends and desperately need new experiences. Instead of simply hanging out with them, there is also an option of being a team, trying things out together and also challenging your thinking in more life-related topics.


Therefore, for the cause of trying new things together, escape rooms suit perfectly to groups of people of different sizes and interests. However, what else can one expect from such a pastime activity? For this, read our list of reasons to try such rooms:

  • Great Team Building Opportunity: Yes, it is a perfect place to not only hang out with friends but also find new ones. If you are new to the team at a job or at your university, going to an escape game can help you become closer with new people and also build trust.
  • Boosts your Creativity: There are usually many ways to solve the given problem and it allows people to get their creative juices flowing. Obviously, you will never try to come up with certain methods you would apply in an escape room in your real life. And this is a pity as sometimes the crazier you think the better solution you can provide.
  • Communication Skills Training: Keeping in mind all the teamwork and time pressure, this setting would be a great place to practice your soft skills and become more confident in these for life settings as well.

To wrap it up, there is nothing better than challenging your friends and yourself to participate in something new and unpredictable. The harder it seems in the beginning, the more you are going to enjoy the result, be it a failure or a success. Here as in everything else in life, the process matters the most and it is usually so much fun!

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