19th Mar2019

The Unstoppable Rise of Real-Money Gaming

by James Smith


Every single day, thousands of people become dedicated gamers. The rise of the global gaming industry over the past decade has been astounding, with https://lpesports.com/video-games-industry reporting that it officially overtook Hollywood in terms of size and revenue for the first time last year. However, the rise in popularity is not the only significant change underfoot within the gaming industry.

Another major development concerns that habits of players, who are moving towards real-money gaming at unprecedented rates. It seems that, rather than being content with simply playing a game, more people than ever are determined to try and earn or win some serious money while doing it. Here are the key trends behind the rise of real-money gaming. 

The Rise of eSports Tournaments 

One of the arenas offering the most lucrative opportunities for gamers is the eSports industry, which now hosts competitive tournaments with multi-million-pound cash prizes. The most popular eSports events in the world include https://www.dota2.com/international/overview/ and the Fortnite Summer Skirmish, which has a prize pool of over £1 million.

Such tournaments were practically unheard of a decade ago, but now the top competitive gamers can enjoy seven-figure salaries and sponsorships from the likes of Red Bull, Intel, AOL, and PepsiCo. The most successful competitive gamers stick to just a few titles which are almost exclusively combat-based games, such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Black Ops 3. 

The Rise of Online Casino Gaming 

Another area of real-money gaming which has seen astonishing growth is online casino gaming, which now commands global revenues in excess of over £50 billion per annum. It seems that more people than ever are eager to try their luck at the biggest online slot games such as those offered by https://casino.betfair.com/c/slots, which offer top prizes of anything between £5000 and £2 million.

The industry itself has also come along way in terms of technology, with most of the leading online casinos now offering their services on mobile devices, so that people can try and win money wherever they are in the world. Online casinos are enjoying record levels of popularity at the moment, which in turn has allowed operators to increase the value of the top prizes offered. 

The Rise of Superstar Vloggers 

One other area where gamers are now trying to and succeeding to make real money is through vlogging and live streaming. While YouTube mainstays such as PewDiePie have been around for years, the industry has been disrupted recently thanks to the astonishing rise of live streaming platforms such as Twitch.

The platform has been successfully monetised by huge numbers of people who have a talent for popular games, with users such as https://www.twitch.tv/ninja attracting over 11 million followers and an estimated net worth of close to £5 million. Rather than earning money from advertisers, as it was in the olden days, popular gaming personalities now earn a significant chunk of their revenues from donations, with fans or “patrons” choosing to send them a certain amount each month. 

The world of entertainment is changing fast, with the rise of real-money gaming showing that virtually anyone can have a shot at making money from their favourite games. But as with any industry, where there’s money there will always be con artists trying to profit from it. This was apparent when the big CSGOdiamonds aka. the biggest gaming scandal of all time occurred. It was an in-game-item gambling site that was rigged and scammed people. Generally, I would never advise anyone to use these sites as most of them are rigged. But if you are, you should do your due diligence, and be careful.

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