18th Mar2019

Moving Online: How Traditional Gaming is Changing

by James Smith


Since the dawn of the information age, we have learned that nothing in society ever stands still for long, and as technology has affected every aspect of our life, from the way that we do our shopping, to our communication habits, it is no surprise to find that it is transforming our leisure time. The simple pastime of gaming, whether that’s playing the latest video console game, taking on a friend at chess or playing a few rounds of bingo, has been changed forever by the digital revolution, and the modern gamer can enjoy all of their favourite pastimes entirely online.

Video Games

Even using the phrase “video games” immediately sounds very 20th century, but I guess we’re stuck with it for the time being. However, this type of gaming is now unrecognisable from that which first enthralled people in the 1970s and 1980s. In the beginning, you had to go to a games arcade or buy one of the early, primitive computing devices in order to enjoy video games, and the games themselves, from Pac-Man to Pong, were extremely simple.

The leap forward that has been possible in video game technology has enabled games producers to push back the boundaries of what the previous generation thought possible, and to design PCs and gaming consoles that can support a bewildering array of immersive games. There are so many games out there that it has become necessary to create categories and sub-categories to describe them. For instance, the genre of strategy now encompasses real-time strategy, role-playing games, war games, city-building games and many more categories.

Just as dramatic as the changes in gaming technology has been the shift in the way that we play games. The evolution of fast internet connections has opened video gaming from a solitary pastime to one that we can play with other gamers around the world. Indeed, this ability to connect with gaming fans has led to entire online communities dedicated to each game and to each genre. For newcomers to online gaming, this can be daunting, but if you pick a game that you enjoy and have some ability at, then heading online, whether to play with others directly, or just to chat about your gaming experience, can bring a new dimension to the way that you enjoy games.

Online Gambling

The world of gambling has traditionally encompassed many different activities, from the traditional betting shop and casino to games such as bingo, fruit machines and even gambling on dominoes. However, like every other area of leisure, gambling has moved online, and gamblers have followed.

The development of secure financial transactions, along with rapid internet connections, have enabled online gaming companies to produce faithful replicas of gambling games in the digital world. Now, fans of football or horse racing betting can study the form, make their bets and watch the event, all online, while casino gamers can enjoy high-definition reproductions of their favourite games, some of which offer the opportunity to play with real-life croupiers and to interact with fellow gamblers.

The flourishing of the online gambling sector has led to a proliferation of guides and gambling community sites, from Slotsbot.com to casino review sites, all dedicated to offering advice and guidance to online gamblers as they enjoy their pastime.

Board Games

The traditional board game has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, and there are clubs all over the world where people get together to try out their favourite games. This has been replicated by a similar boom in online gaming. It is now possible to play everything from chess to Ludo online, either through single-player versions, or by joining an online community to share your hobbies.

Many of these games can play out over several months and involve players from all over the world – something that would simply have been impracticable in a pre-internet age. This provides an interesting alternative to the often-frenetic world of the online strategy game, offering more time for reflection and to enjoy old-style gaming, while still benefiting from the convenience of online play.


If gaming of any kind is your hobby, whether you enjoy a game of chess or a quick blast of a first-person shooter on your video console, the online revolution has ushered in a golden age in which any gamer of any age or background can find their favourite pastime and friends to share it with, all without leaving the comfort of home.

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