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WWE Smackdown Live – Feb 26th 2019: Results & Review

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Smackdown Live review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a few surprises tonight, so let’s get to them before people go on the Captain Marvel page and piss all over it…wait, did that already happen?

Match #1: The Hardy Boyz def. The Bar

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In one of the most memorable moments in recent SmackDown LIVE history, The Hardy Boyz reunited for the first time since 2017 to take on The Bar in an incredible battle on the blue brand. Jeff & Matt quickly found themselves right back in their old rhythms, going hold for hold and step for step with one of the most dominant tag teams of the last decade in Sheamus & Cesaro. The Bar looked primed to spoil the incredible moment when they literally had Matt Hardy on the ropes, but The Hardy Boyz took out both members of The Bar with Twists of Fate, and Jeff Hardy sealed the deal with an astonishing Swanton Bomb onto The Celtic Warrior for an amazing victory.

My Take: 2.5 out of 5 – This was all about giving The Hardys a big moment together and it all worked out just as they had wanted it to. Matt looked great and Jeff still turns back the clock every time he does that damn Swanton Bomb. The Bar did well here with The Hardys and made them look like a million bucks every step of the way. There you go…one big, fat piece of fun.

Match #2: United States Champion R-Truth def. Andrade and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE United States Championship

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United States Champion R-Truth continued a longstanding tradition (started by his apparent childhood hero John Cena) when he arrived on SmackDown LIVE and issued a United States Title Open Challenge … and he quickly got more than he bargained for. Rey Mysterio and Andrade each answered the call, resulting in Truth asking “What would John Cena do” and agreeing to an impromptu, high-octane Triple Threat Match after Carmella told him Cena would do just that. The dazzling title fight saw everything from powerbombs on the floor, to hurricanranas that were delivered with Superstars on other Superstars’ shoulders, to R-Truth hitting a picture-perfect Five-Knuckle Shuffle! In the clutch, R-Truth avoided a double-619 from The Greatest Mask of All Time and caught Rey with a surprise rollup for the win. After the fact, Andrade tried to take out his frustrations on Mysterio, but Rey would have none of it, fighting him off and leaving them to collide another day, a day the WWE Universe would be craving sooner than later.

My Take: 3 out of 5 – This was a good bout that gave Truth some deserved TV time to be a proper champion. For those of you who follow wrestling beyond the WWE, consider that we got to see Rey Mysterio, La Sombra and Ron “The Truth” Killings wrestle each other for the WWE US Title. I never thought I’d see that combination together for a strap on Vince’s dollar. All three men did well here and made the most of their time in the ring with some strong moves and firm wrestling. I feel like I’m describing frozen Jello. Overall, this was a good match that worked for what it was allowed to do.

Match #3: Aleister Black & Ricochet def. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev

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Looking to continue their winning ways after taking down Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival last night on Raw, Aleister Black & Ricochet teamed up yet again to take on the imposing duo of Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev. The Dutch Destroyer & The One and Only proved yet again that the moment was by no means too big for them by taking the fight right to Nakamura & Rusev. The King of Strong Style & The Bulgarian Brute attempted to use brute strength to wear down the NXT standouts, but the black-and-gold brand sensations refused to stay down, rallying back with a flurry of offense that saw Ricochet take out Rusev with a dazzling dive and Black annihilate WWE’s Rockstar with a ring-rattling Black Mass for the victory.

My Take: 2.5 out of 5 – This was a solid match that was wrestled well, but the match was not designed to do much else but make the new guys look good. Shinsuke looked like a jobber here. Shinsuke ought to go back to New Japan as soon as possible and make a $#!@-load of money at the top of the card, especially if this is all Vince has planned for the guy. Rusev ought to go to Japan too. Plus, they could go to All Elite Wrestling. I keep forgetting they have that kind of leverage now. It was nice seeing Black and Ricochet win, but this still feels like a bit of a waste of what these guys are really capable of.

Match #4: (Main Event) Kevin Owens & Kofi Kingston def. “The New” Daniel Bryan & Rowan

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Now locked in to challenge “The New” Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title, Kevin Owens aimed to get some momentum rolling as he teamed with the man he replaced at WWE Fastlane, Kofi Kingston, in his return bout against Bryan and Rowan. KO showed that he had no ring rust whatsoever, appearing as agile and tough as ever, but Bryan and Rowan found success when they isolated Kingston and kept Owens out of the contest. However, once Kofi survived the LeBell Lock, he mustered enough energy to make the tag to the fresh Owens, who unloaded on Bryan and Rowan. In the pivotal moments, Owens avoided Rowan’s dreaded Claw and connected with his signature Pop-up Powerbomb, but the WWE Champion somehow kicked out at two. Owens attempted to go high-risk, but Rowan stopped Bryan’s next challenger and threw him over the announcer’s table. The Dreadlocked Dynamo evened the score though, taking out Rowan with a spectacular dive, and KO pinned the WWE Champion after hitting Bryan with a Stunner. After the contest, Kingston kept it professional with Owens, but it was clear that it wasn’t all love between the two after the unbelievable night that was.

My Take: 3 out of 5 – This was a sufficiently wrestled main event that had the appropriate moves and the proper drama, but lacked the heart to be more than just a check-point for the WWE World Title Match later in the fiscal year. Every-body worked hard to make this match feel like it was an intense fight, but the WWE house style struck again and took the fun out of watching Kevin give a Stunner to Bryan. The crowd was still in favor of Kofi, but it was happy to see Kevin as well. As an aside, Smackdown has a roster so strong that you could just throw the WWE World Title on over half of the roster and the people would be happy. Overall, this was a fun way to give Kevin a little steam in the ol’ engine before he fights Bryan for the strap at Fast-Lane.

News Of The Night:

  1. Kofi Kingston was replaced by Kevin Owens in the WWE World Title Match for Fast-Lane at Vince McMahon’s request.
  2. Kevin Owens is playing a face…for now.
  3. A possible feud between Kofi Kingston and Kevin Owens may be brewing.
  4. Rey Mysterio and Andrade are still feuding.
  5. Matt Hardy may be joining Smackdown full-time, as he reunited the The Hardy Boyz team with Jeff Hardy.
  6. Honky Tonk Man will be going into the WWE Hall Of Fame.
  7. R-Truth now claims that John Cena was his hero while he was growing up as a boy. R-Truth, to the best of my knowledge, is older than John Cena. Remember when Vince Looney Tuned Truth’s ass to death almost a decade ago on Raw? Why does Truth always get these terrible angles?
  8. Charlotte Flair will be on Raw to get the Raw Women’s Title bestowed upon her, despite having not actually wrestled for it yet.
  9. AJ Styles and Randy Orton look to be a feud for Wrestlemania season, if not the event itself.
  10. Lacey Evans was booked to walk up and down the ramp like a jack-ass.

Final Verdict: 3/5

There were some nice surprises here on Smackdown, with the roster for this brand turning into a dream team that any promoter would kill for. There’s no excuse for the WWE World Title Match at Wrestlemania to not have the best contender possible, now that the roster has the people that it has.


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