27th Feb2019

The Best New Live Casino Games for 2019

by James Smith


Live dealer games started a few years ago with the simple idea of replicating the experience you would find in a real casino through your computer or phone. It was pretty revolutionary with its use of console, camera and graphics technologies, and it is now an expected part of the online casino experience.

However, as with most useful new tech innovations, it has become clear that it is not enough simply to offer the same as that you are replacing. Sure, it’s exciting to play poker, blackjack and roulette with real dealers, but the technology can be used to bring new games and new interpretations of classic games to the fore. In light of that, here are some of the best new live casino games available now:

Live Football Studio – Top Card

A game that’s solely about the social element of live casino, rather than any huge breakthrough from a gaming experience. Top Card from Evolution Gaming’s Live Football Studio is a really simple game, effectively placing bets on the higher or lower draw of two cards. However, where it differs is with its infusion of football graphics, commentary and conversation. No game underlines the social element of live casino more.

Casino Hold’em – Jumbo 7 Jackpot

Casino Hold’em is as old as the hills, but this game is one of the few live dealer games around to incorporate a progressive jackpot. What is a progressive jackpot? It’s a bit like a lottery, funded by taking a very small percentage of players’ wagers on the game. The pot grows and grows until one player is paid the jackpot. Sounds pretty normal, but then again, the Jumbo 7 Jackpot can reach millions. It’s the perfect game to play on mobile players, so check out LiveCasinosOnline for the best mobile live casinos, such as Mobilebet, that offer Jumbo 7 Jackpot.

Multi Wheel Roulette


Extreme Live Gaming perhaps only trails NetEnt and Evolution as the most popular provider of live dealer software. That pair perhaps outstrips Extreme Live Gaming in terms of volume, but not necessarily in terms of quality. Up there with the best, is the exciting live Multi Wheel Roulette, which makes you feel like you are whirling through a real casino placing bets on three tables at once. It’s designed to be played at a very fast pace, so keep a cool head and your strategy intact.

Live Dragon Tiger

The reinvention of an old classic card game, Dragon Tiger is a card game – almost like a version of baccarat – with some popularity in places like Cambodia. In has, however, been picked up by some online casinos in Europe and North America. The main game works a bit like baccarat, in the sense that you bet on the Player or Banker, or as in this case, the Dragon or Tiger. Other bets include suited tie, big/small and odd/even. In the case of Evolution Gaming’s version, the studio layout and beautiful design are part of the game’s draw. Some of the odds are not as generous as baccarat, but the Dragon Tiger delivers a different type of experience.

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