05th Feb2019

Coming Soon: Gears of War 5

by James Smith


2019 is set to be another bumper year for gaming with the industry continuing to grow, as competition rises between the leading consoles in the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4. Last year there was a number of very successful games released such as God of War and of course Red Dead Redemption 2, which picked up multiple awards. Here we cover one of the most exciting games set to be released this year in the fifth installment of Gears of War.

The hugely anticipated next entry in Microsoft’s Gears of War series is set to be released later on this year with the exact date yet to be confirmed. At this early stage Gears of War 5 already looks set to deliver with the usual intense third party action, and stunning online competitive gaming. This has been key to the rise and success of the games for so many years, with each being popular for both amateur and competitive players.

The campaign is set to centre around Kait Diaz, who made her debut in Gears of War 4. This means for the first time it will feature a female protagonist, which is a fantastic addition to the already hugely successful series. This is only likely to further gather the attention around the game. It is also set to feature JD Fenix, his friend Delmont Walker and will also see the return of JD’s father, Marcus Fenix.

Kait must journey across the biggest Gears world yet and Microsoft have released that the campaign will also delve back into the origins of the locusts, with many new weapons available. You must then fight with your squad to protect what is left of the crumbling world as the enemy look to wipe out all survivors.

There will as previous be an option to play solo as well as with a friend in local split-screen, and online co-op. There will also be the option to cross-play between Xbox One and PC. As expected this is set to be the largest and most diverse Gears world ever created. You will also now be able to play every mode in 4K Ultra resolution, which will further the incredible gaming experience for players.


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