04th Feb2019

Pass Horror Notes: ‘Bonehill Road’ Review

by Aaron Shakespeare



Stars: Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas-Plumberg, Linnea Quigley, Millie Milan, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Gary Kent, Douglas Epps | Written and Directed by Todd Sheets

Name: Bonehill Road
Age: 2018
Appearance: A low budget, gory horror directed by indie veteran Todd Sheets featuring practical effects, blood and guts. About a mother and daughter escaping an abusive relationship and falling prey to a cannibalistic sadist who kidnaps and tortures women. It’s a werewolf film.

Bonehill Road not Boner Road

Bonehill Road not Boner Road

So, where’s the werewolf?

Good question. They turn up at the beginning and at the end. Basically, mother and daughter Emily and Eden Stevens (played by Eli DeGeer and Ana Plumberg) escape a violent home and run into a werewolf, whereupon they escape and find themselves trapped by psychopath Coen Anders until the werewolves arrive at the end.

So, it’s a case of “where wolf?” Hahahaha!

Some people may feel short changed by the lack of wolfy action but there are some things a hardened horror audience may enjoy. For a start, the werewolves look half-decent and not like a man in a dog suit. You get some good practical effects that feels reminiscent of the days when directors cared about those sorts of things, including a wince-inducing gutting scene.

*Wolf whistle* What’s not to like?

As much as I appreciate the practical effects what may bother some viewers, is that Todd Sheets really likes his close-ups. The camera work is so painfully in the actors’ face that you’re virtually staring up their noses and it makes continuity errors distractingly apparent. Bruises come and go or even move about the face as if alive. Oh, and some will find the pacing sloooooooowwwww.

I see that horror veteran Linnea Quigley is in it. She played Trash in Return of the Living Dead, don’t you know.

Here she plays a character called Suzy. She spends much of the film chewing her lines and screaming into the face of our sadist, Coen Anders.

Coen Anders sounds like the name of a toilet bleach. “Buy new Coen Anders. Kills all known germs… dead!”

Coen Anders would certainly kill all his victims… dead. But like the plot of Bonehill Road we’re going off on a tangent. Coen is played by Douglas Epps, who has made a few films with Mr Sheets and overacts like his life depends on it. He growls most of his lines, throws his head back when he guffaws and roars “naughty” at all and sundry.

So, did you “Lycan” it?

Overall, practical effects: Yay! Everything else: Meh.

Do say: Awwooooooooh!!!
Don’t say: Booo!!!

Bonehill Road is out now on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.


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