28th Jan2019

The Last Week In Wrestling #15 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we some good, some bad and… Serenity’s big twist is that it’s a video game. Hey, I could be lying. I guess you’ll just have to go watch the movie/look up the ending on Wikipedia/pay your taxes yourself. Oh, here comes the week in wrestling.

Best Promo:

Call For Integrity (Impact Wrestling) – Eli Drake cut a nice, simple promo where told Eddie Edwards he should return to be a great wrestler again, rather than a hardcore fighter like Tommy Dreamer or Raven. Drake is carrying this angle quite well and he is getting a reward with being booked to feud with Eddie, who should provide him the chance to be in some fine matches.

Best Moment:

The Champ Respects The Contender (WWE) – On Raw, Finn Balor won the right to fight Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at the Royal Rumble by pinning John Cena. Cena, awed by his opponent, insisted that Finn had earned his respect and can win at the Royal Rumble. It was nice to see Finn get booked so strongly and he looked like a real star here.

Best Move:

Coup de Grâce (WWE) – On Raw, Finn used this move to great effect in two matches to become Brock Lesnar’s Royal Rumble opponent. Finn really has the move down to a science and it is as effective a move as any other out there now.

Best Personality:

Paul Heyman (WWE) – Heyman did a great job during his promo with Alexa Bliss and he managed to make what he was doing feel important.

Best Character:

Rush (Major League Wrestling) – In his match with Shane Strickland, Rush came across as a major star and made Shane look even better than he usually does. The way Rush carries himself is comparable to the best of the best and he has a great career awaiting him in America.

Best Performance:

Humberto Carrillo (WWE) – On 205 Live, Carrillo wrestled like no tomorrow against Buddy Murphy and was a breath of fresh air. If Carrillo can add more charm to his personality, he can really move mountains in a league that probably thinks he can’t even move asses to seats.

Best Wrestler:

Finn Balor (WWE) – Finn went from irrelevant to mega star in three hours, thanks to good booking and great wrestling in two matches from one very talented athlete.

Best Card:

Raw (WWE) – It wasn’t the best show this week, but the matches were the best mixture this week and it delivered lots of wrestling that was worth the viewing.

Best Show:

205 Live – This time, the record player exploded. 205 Live is simple and good, which is all it has to be to be a success, which this show was…again.

Best League:

WWE – Vince paid me a lot of money to say that he had the best league this week. All it took was a cookie and a glass of milk and I fell into his back pocket. There’s a lot of lint in here. Plus, his butt smells like old man dookie. Dookie is a real word. Who said it wasn’t a real word? Just because they’re right doesn’t mean I can’t be wrong. Wait a minute…

Best Match:

Andrade versus Rey Mysterio (WWE) – Smackdown brought us one of the best matches of Andrade’s WWE run so far and gave Rey a great opponent to wrestle in what has developed into a fine series of fights.

Final Verdict: 3/5

This was a good week that didn’t quite have the same pleasures as last week, but it still turned out quite well.


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