31st Dec2018

Faye’s Ten Best: Horror Films of 2018

by Faye Ellis


2018 has been a great year for movies, especially for horror films, from mainstream cinema hits to some fantastic direct to market titles. But it’s also been great for the genre as a whole not just the movies… With that in mind here is Faye’s rundown of her Top 10 Horror Films of 2018:

Ghost Stories

Without a doubt my film of the year, an absolute joy from beginning to end.  Sliding skilfully from stage to screen, Nyman and Dyson bring jumps, scares and genuine heart to this spectacular tale. The score is also one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to.

Assassination Nation

I adored this fresh, modern take on the Salem Witch story. Effortlessly mixing current political commentary with the standards of old, Assassination Nation hits where it needs to, and hits hard.

The Witch in The Window

Beautifully shot, The Witch In The Window is unlike any other film this year. Haunting, relatable and genuinely creepy in places, it ticks all the horror tropes but convinces you to see them from a different perspective.


There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. Bold, brutal and unnerving, Hereditary stays with you long after watching. Easily Toni Collette’s best on-screen performance, tackling the effects of grief and loss.

A Quiet Place

Such a tense watch, I found myself hardly breathing when watching A Quiet Place.  A truly original story stunningly played out, with an obvious amount of thought and love poured into it. An incredible watch.

Summer of ‘84

Taking the sometimes tired 80’s nostalgia pitch and making it something much more sinister, Summer of ’84 is nothing short of a dream. Subtly funny, whilst remaining an outright horror, this was a spectacularly fun watch.

Rock Steady Row

It’s hard not to smile whilst watching this tale of two rivalling campus gangs, dealing in the currency of bicycles.  Going again for the 80’s feel, Rock Steady Row pulls it off perfectly with a great story, acted out to perfection.

What Keeps You Alive

Following a couple returning to a childhood cabin, one half soon learns that she may not know the woman she has married. Gruesomely violent in parts, breath taking in others, What Keeps You Alive gut punches you to the very end credits.

Tigers Are Not Afraid

You are sure to have heard of this gorgeous horror fairy-tale by now, having taken the festival scene by storm.  Centring around 5 children struggling to survive the effects of the cartel, Tigers is beautiful, heart breaking and truly stunning to watch.

Anna and the Apocalypse

A Scottish zombie musical set at Christmas – what more could you ask for.  Anna is upbeat, hilarious and touching all at once, with an addictive soundtrack that’ll have you singing well into the new year.


Honourable mentions: Wolfman’s Got Nards, Book Of Monsters, Secret Santa, Dementia Part Two,  CAM


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