28th Dec2018

eBuying Comics: Week 9

by Ian Wells


With the New Year fast approaching I thought I would pay a little homage to Wizard Magazine and look at what comics could be hot in 2019. This just for fun as I don’t have enough experience in studying the markets, but maybe at some point during next year I will check in with my predictions. Most of the predictions are based off of comics related to movie or TV releases despite the fact I have read/heard numerous articles where comic shop owners say there is no direct correlation between the release of a blockbuster comic book movie and an increase in sales. Obviously should Captain America or Iron Man die in Avengers: Endgame I’m not going to say I expect Captain America #1 or Tales Of Suspense #39 to increase in value.  I want this list to represent comics the average comic fan can afford.

Lets kick things off talking about Aquaman. His solo movie is released around the festive period so going into the New Year the name Arthur Curry will be on every ones lips. Again obviously I’m not saying go out and break the bank by making an investment on More Fun Comics #73. (currently close to £25,000 on eBay). A lot of Man of Steel and BVS borrowed from the New 52 so I’m thinking along the lines of Aquaman #1 from that relaunch. It is already upwards of £15 on eBay for a Near Mint first print copy. Mera and Black Manta also made their New 52 debuts in this issue. Also worth picking up from the New 52 era would be all issues tying to the ‘Throne of Atlantis’ story line either in single issues or the trade paperback. Mera and Black Mantas original first appearances currently range between £150-£250 and lets face it Black Manta was the most exciting thing in the trailer so his appearances are going to spike. If everyone had they same reaction to me as that then Aquaman Annual #1 from the Rebirth era may also gain some interest, as it is narrated by Black Manta and he is established as the key villain.

Sticking with DC but on the TV side, Titans from the new DC app has been earning rave reviews from most of the geek websites. I haven’t heard much about it from other sources, but maybe I’m just not in contact with anyone who has purchased the app. Sometime next year I believe Netflix are getting international rights to Titans so there will be an increased audience for the team of heroes. You can easily pick up the first issue of the popular Marv Wolfman, George Perez incarnation for under £50. This version of the team is the basis for the TV series and their first appearance came in DC Comics Presents which is the more highly sought after issue for collectors. Again any of the first print trade paperbacks are going to get a rise in value as increased popularity will bring reprints. My top tip though comes in the shape of New Teen Titans #38 titles ‘Who Is Donna Troy’. She is a character already with a bit of a cult following. I feel with the positive attention the Wonder Woman movie has created there is going to be a fresh buzz for DC’s other Amazon star. Currently a good condition copy is going for around £5 so not a bad investment. Also its a really good stand alone issue anyway so money well spent.

In 2019 DC comics are going to delve deeper into the mystery of the Three Jokers. Also with the impending release of the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie anything and everything related to the Clown Prince of Crime is going to see a rise in value. Two of the Jokers involved in the Three Jokers story arc are rumoured to be from Death in The Family and Killing Joke eras respectively. First printings of Killing Joke are hard to find and therefore expensive! So second, third, fourth prints (how many time has it been reprinted) would signal a better investment. Death in The Family ran in Batman #426-#429 any of these issues are easy to seek out and get for a reasonable price. As is the trade paperback. The mystery of the Three Jokers was established in two issues. They are JLA #50 and  DC Rebirth #1 so if the outcome to the mystery is as satisfactory as the tease these two issues maybe worth the investment.

2019 is again going to be owned by Marvel on the big screen with the release of Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel. But how these movies relate to comics value is hard to predict. The movies have kind of taken a path of their own and aren’t really out and out adaptations of particular comics. So you can’t say because this and this happens in the movie issues X and Y will increase in value. It would be easy to say anything related to Thanos is going to increase. As will all the issues of Infinity Gauntlet especially if Doctor Strange’s vision of victory resembles anything close to how the comic plot resolved itself. Again first printings of collect editions are solid investments. My sleeper hit for an Avengers: Endgame related comic is Avengers #27 (2007) the first appearance of Clint Barton as Ronin. Buy it now, thank me later.

There is no doubt that Captain Marvel is going to be the star of 2019. The fan base and star power of Carol Danvers has grown massively in the last 6-8 years. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if all Carol Danvers related comics haven’t been on a steady increase in that time any way. Marvel Super Heroes #13 is her very first appearance so you would have to really shop around between now and the release of the movie to gain any profit in the comic. Ms. Marvel #1 from 1977 is the first time Carol was associated with the Marvel name so again get it cheap while you can. In the modern era she took the name Captain Marvel for the first time in Avenging Spider-Man #9. This is already a £100 comic book for ungraded copies. Marvel has had a lot of relaunches in the same time period Captain Marvel has become popular. So jump on any first issue from these numerous series whilst you can.

Those are my hot picks for 2019. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.




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