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‘MLW: Fusion’ Wrestling Review (Nov 30th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling review, right on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we’ve got… highhhhhhhhh hopes! You ever seen Antz? That song was in Antz. In the 1990s, it was cool to use a “z” in place of an “s”. What the hell was I talking about? Anyway, I still don’t have a delete button, chickens don’t taste like watermelons and this is Major League Wrestling.

Match #1: Simon Gotch defeated Ariel Dominguez

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

Mocking his former friend and teammate Lawlor, Simon Gotch came to the ring to open the show with another Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge. He said he would be facing the “filthiest man in the back.” But young prospect Ariel Dominguez hit the ring and was devasated. Gotch rocked with Dominguez with a handful of high-impact maneuvers before setting him up for a vicious piledriver to end the match. But Gotch wasn’t finished. He retried the prize money, peeled off a couple bills, stuffed them in his opponent’s mouth and proceeded to piledrive him once again.

My Take: 2 out of 5 – This was all for Gotch, who made the most of a squash match to look good. I wish these matches would be booked to be a bit more competitive, but at least this gives Gotch a place on the card that is all his own.

Match #2: Tommy Dreamer defeated Brian Pillman Jr.

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

As if the attack on Kevin Sullivan didn’t prove the point, Brian Pillman Jr. and the Hart Foundation continued their assault on veterans and legends of professional wrestling on this week’s episode. Pillman has set his sights on the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer. Prior to the match, in a show of sportsmanship, Dreamer extended a handshake to Pillman. The youngster acted like he was going to shake hands and executed the classic swerve of going to his hair. Dreamer was unfazed.

As Pillman gained an advantage in the match, he went to grab his signature cane. The same one he busted Sullivan open with. When the official forced him to put down the cane, Pillman decided to gloat over Dreamer, who looked to be in bad shape on the mat. But the wily veteran was playing possum. As Pillman stood over him and while the official was distracted, Pillman delivered a double shot of fists to Pillman’s groin and secured the pinfall. Dreamer was clearly very pleased with himself.

My Take: 2 out of 5 – I don’t mind seeing Tommy win matches, but did you have to make Pillman look like such a dink to do it? It’s bad enough that Pillman is being positioned as a guy who can’t wrestle fairly, but now he’s being booked as an idiot who doesn’t pay attention to what he is doing. Why can’t Pillman just be allowed to wrestle? Does every-thing have to be a “story”?

Match #3: (Main Event) Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix (cornered by Konnan) defeated Los Parks (presented by Salina de la Renta) – World Tag Team Championship Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

The official had his hands full in this one. The match was contested under Mexican tag team rules, meaning tags were unnecessary and all four men could be in the ring at the same time. Action was all over the place from the beginning. The Parks held the advantage for much of the match, utilizing chairs, tables and the ring post to physically assault the World Tag Team Champions. But Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix are nothing, if not resilient. The Lucha Bros. responded and did a great deal of their damage inside the ring, although they were certainly willing to fight fire with fire when it came to stretching the rules.

Pentagon powerbombed Hijo onto an unforgiving table on the outside. He even delivered a low blow to LA Park, taking him out of the match and setting up the victory. With the elder Los Park out of commission briefly, Penta put Hijo in position for the Pentagon Driver, with the top rope-stomp-assist from Fenix, who then made sure LA Park was out of it with a violent dive to the outside. Meanwhile, back inside the ring, Pentagon Jr. was covering Hijo de LA Park for the 1-2-3 to retain the titles.

My Take: 3.5 out of 5 – This was an excellent main event that redeemed the card and the show. I don’t think I have to go real far to tell you that this was an easy match to watch, as it was pure lucha libre, which is always exciting. There are a few parts in this match that will make your crotch shoot up your ass, but that’s good, because of how thrilling the action is. All four of these guys worked hard and made this match into some-thing that was worth watching.

News Of The Night:

  1. On Dec. 14 at MLW Zero Hour, there will be a Singapore cane match between Brian Pillman Jr. and Tommy Dreamer.
  2. On Dec. 13 at MLW Never Say Never, the League has signed Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch in a match with no ropes and no holds barred.
  3. World Middleweight Champion Maxwell J. Friedman denied there would be a ladder match for his title at MLW Never Say Never on Dec. 14 in Miami.
  4. Stokely Hathaway has returned as a manager.
  5. Here are the two cards for MLW in Miami:
  • MLW Never Say Never (Dec. 13)
    – “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Simon Gotch (No Holds Barred, No Ropes)
    – Teddy Hart vs. Pentagon Jr.
    – PCO vs. LA Park
    – Rush vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland
    – Dragon Lee vs. Rich Swann
    – DJZ vs. Hijo de LA Park
    – Andrew Everett vs. Dezmond Xavier
  • MLW Zero Hour (Dec. 14)
    – Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Pillman Jr. (Singapore Cane Match)
    – Rich Swann vs. Rush
    – Barrington Hughes vs. Ace Romero
    – Dragon Lee vs. DJZ
    – MJF vs. Kotto Brazil vs. Jason Cade vs. Andrew Everett vs. Dezmond Xavier (World Middleweight Title Ladder Match)
    – Low Ki vs. Konnan (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Final Verdict: 2.5/5

As a commercial for the next couple of major events for MLW, this was excellent, but as a wrestling event, this didn’t do so well. The main event was the real deal, but that’s because it was all about great wrestling, which was not the case with the first two matches. Well, at least this wasn’t that commercial with the woman who takes stupid pictures while her boyfriend eats Taco Bell. I hate that $#!@. Any-way, this was a weak week for MLW… that sounded as bad as this episode almost was.


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