29th Nov2018

Interview: ‘Cam’ director Daniel Goldhaber

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/interview, host Stuart Wright talks with Cam director Daniel Goldhaber about directing his first feature film, inclusive filmmaking and film authorship myths, pornography in the 21st century, the new language of cinema he needed to find to integrate the internet into the storytelling rather than bolting it on and his method research experiences from working as a web cam host.

“I don’t do public shows, I don’t tell my guys I love them and I don’t fake my orgasms.” These are boundaries that Alice (Madeline Brewer) strictly maintains in the daily hours that she becomes her webcamming alter ego Lola. She keeps her performance work tightly sandboxed from her personal life, as it must be. One day, Alice finds herself unable to log into her account. Someone is already on, using her profile. She hits the site as a guest and discovers that somehow, against all reason, she’s been replaced on her page with an exact duplicate of herself, inexplicably camming from her very home. A duplicate that knows personal things only she could know. And is extremely less guarded about any issues of privacy.

Cam is out now on Netflix www.netflix.com/title/80177400. Check out our review of the film right here.



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