28th Nov2018

WWE Smackdown Live: Nov 27th 2018: Results & Review

by Phil Wheat


Welcome to this weeks Smackdown Live review, right here on Nerdly. And it’s the second week in a row that we have to ask: “will this episode of Smackdown be more of a success than Monday’s Raw” – and without even watching the show, I guessing it will be, after the sh*t show that was Raw it shouldn’t be that hard to beat it right? Right?

Match #1: The Usos def. The Bar

The following comes from WWE.com:

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar laid down an open challenge earlier in the day, and The Usos were quick to answer it. However, Big Show was no longer by their side, as he was kicked off the team earlier in the day after Sheamus & Cesaro blamed him for their food fight disaster last week, and The World’s Largest Athlete responded by KO Punching Cesaro right in his jaw. The losses would quickly pile up for The Bar, as The Usos weren’t playing, and despite Sheamus & Cesaro’s pounding attack, The Usos made a pair of timely tags and put The Bar down after several kicks to The Swiss Superman’s dome piece and a big splash from Jimmy.

My Take: Big Show is already out of The Bar?! Well that was a waste of not only his time but the audiences. What happened, did the writers realise Big Show made The Bar too strong for the rest of the Tag Team division? That winning streak for them has come to a very abrupt end… I’m predicting a break-up will follow, especially if they’re going down the in-fighting route as the did with Big Show. But then that’s what you get for having a good tag division that is, sadly, made up of high-fliers (well there is The Ascension but the WWE are afraid to use them to their full potential these days). The Bar are out of place here methinks.

Match #2: Shinsuke Nakamura attacked Rusev before their match began

The following comes from WWE.com:

United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev were scheduled to face off for the first time ever in non-title competition on SmackDown LIVE. Nakamura, though, suddenly attacked The Bulgarian Brute before the match began. WWE’s Rockstar was unrelenting, putting The Super Athlete down with a barrage of strikes and keeping him there by laying him out with two brutal Kinshasas. Does Nakamura’s unprovoked assault speak volumes about The Artist’s concern of eventually facing Rusev?

My Take: So Rusev is now the WWE’s punching bag? And Shinsuke is reduced to attacks and non-matches to TRY and keep selling him as a heel. Whatever WWE. Whatever.

Match #3: Kofi Kingston def. The Miz

The following comes from WWE.com:

With The Miz still hoping to convince SmackDown LIVE Commissioner (and one-third Best in the World) Shane McMahon that they should combine forces to form a tag team, Miz tangled with Kofi Kingston. The match came about earlier in the evening when Miz discovered Kofi and his New Day buddies laughing hysterically while re-watching at The A-Lister’s defeat to a local competitor last week. In the pivotal moments, The Miz removed a pad from the turnbuckle, but Big E placed a stack of pancakes in front of the exposed steel to prevent The Awesome One from using illegal tactics. Thwarted, Miz dropkicked Xavier Woods through the ropes and grabbed a steal chair, but Woods recovered in time to snatch the chair away from The A-Lister, who turned around just in time to eat a match-ending Trouble in Paradise from Kofi.

My Take: Oh how the mighty have fallen… The Miz has gone from a top heel on Smackdown to a whiny, losing, babyface in the face of a few weeks. Which WWE legend are they going to roll out to help with his face turn this time? After all, last time the WWE tried to turn Miz face they enlisted Ric Flair’s help – Flair even “gave” his move-set to The Miz! That’s what happens when you film-franchise ends though isn’t it? No more money from The Miz = no more push.

Match #4: Asuka won the Nine-Woman Battle Royal to be added to the SmackDown Women’s Championship TLC Match

The following comes from WWE.com:

With every woman on SmackDown LIVE clamoring for an opportunity, they all clashed in a massive Battle Royal for the right to be added to the TLC Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. With Flair and Lynch watching from ringside, an absolute melee ensued, as all nine women attempted to stake their claim to the blue brand’s ultimate prize. The contest saw everything from The IIconics using their numbers advantage to eliminate Lana, only to each be dumped out by Asuka. That would become a theme, as The Empress of Tomorrow also took out Carmella, which brought the contest down to her, Naomi, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Deville and God’s Greatest Creation attempted to work together to decimate their competition, but when Naomi eliminated Mandy with some nifty maneuvering on the apron, Sonya got a running start and drove her knee into Naomi’s back to eliminate her. With the bout down to two of the hardest hitters, Asuka and Sonya, Deville got an assist from the already eliminated Rose, who tried to hold Asuka in place on the ring apron for an easy Deville elimination, but The Empress of Tomorrow would have none of it. Asuka booted Mandy in the face and dropped an overzealous Deville with a knee that landed her squarely on the ringside floor and placed Asuka squarely in the first-ever Women’s TLC Match in less than two weeks at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

My Take: Thank god, Asuka got a win for once. Now THAT is a sentence I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be writing a few months ago. Asuka’s undefeated streak seemingly turned into a losing streak. Hopefully her appearance in the forthcoming women’s TLC match, against Flair and Lynch, isn’t reduced to a sideline role – she needs to be built back into the credible threat she was when she debuted on the main roster. As for this match, it was easily the best of the night even if it did feel a little scrappy at times. But hey, it was 9 women in a main event. In a main event!

News of the Night:

  1. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Asuka will have a triple-threat match for the Women’s Title at TLC.
  2. AJ Styles cut a smack-talking promo on Daniel Bryan… Speaking of which, I wish Talking Smack was still a thing.
  3. Samoa Joe interrupted the 20th anniversary celebration of Jeff Hardy, setting up a new feud between the two.
  4. Randy Orton attacked Rey Mysterio. Again. Sigh…

Final Verdict: 2/5

Only three actual matches this week (with two false starts – one more “false” than the other). Not a great episode of Smackdown by any means – probably on a par with last weeks for me – but still leaps and bounds over Monday night’s Raw. But hey, when one show ISN’T playing with a pee fetish it HAS to be better than the other right? Well, probably not for those filthy fetishists out there but for everyone else? Hell yes!!


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