27th Nov2018

‘VENOM Nintendo Switch Carry Case’ Review

by Phil Wheat


Since 1999, UK based Venom has been designing and manufacturing gaming accessories, and their latest is a deluxe Nintendo Switch Carry Case which offers a one-stop storage solution, providing ample space for the Switch console, Dock, Pro Controller, Joy-Con Controller Grip, cables (including the bulky UK power adapter) and up to 21 games.

High-performance protection is provided via the robust outer shell and adjustable carry strap, designed to protect your hardware from bumps and scratches associated with travel. In addition, the internal foam is designed to mould perfectly around all of your Switch components. Lightweight, durable and portable, the Carry Case is a stylish addition to any console owner’s collection, built with the highest quality materials, for reliable and safe storage.

Carry cases for the Nintendo Switch are ten-a-plenty, however the majority if the cases currently available in the likes of Game etc., are small slimline cases built specifically to carry the main unit with joycons attached and a selection of games. Now yes, the Switch has some decent power handling, with OK battery life (if you’re game isn’t too graphically intensive) and you can connect to the mains via just a cable but what if you want to take a dock with you? Or a Pro Controller? That’s where this “deluxe” carry case comes in.

Built more like a high-end camera carry case, the Venom Nintendo Switch Carry Case has hardened outer shell with a foam insert, with plenty of room for the Switch console, a Dock, a Pro Controller, the Joy-Con Controller Grip and – surprisingly – a UK-compatible power adapter. I say surprisingly as most cases you come across for portable devices often overlook the bulky nature of the 3-pin plug and favour the much smaller US-style plugs. So to have room for one here is very welcome.

Lightweight enough to not feel too heavy when fully loaded, the Venom carry case also comes with 21 slots for your Switch cartridges – which is more than plenty for most gamers. After all, when are you going to find time to play through 21 games in their entirety? You’ll maybe get thorugh a few on a holiday (where this case would come in very handy) but it would have to be a REALLY long holiday to get through 21 games! Whilst the case is perfect for the intended uses, if I had any issue with the carry case it would be the cartridge slots – they’re too deep. I get that they need to be deep to hold the cartridges in place securely but at the same time the depth means you can’t actually see which game is in which slot. Which means you might spend more time trying to find the game you want to play rather than playing it!

A decent addition to an over-saturated carry case market, with just enough differences to make it stand out among the crowd, the Venom Nintendo Switch Carry Case is available in stores and online now. Check out the unboxing/video review below:


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