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‘WWE 205 Live’ Review (Nov 21st 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s 205 Live review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have more from the Electric Company, except for Bill Cosby because he’s in trouble for putting the pill in the people’s chocolate.

Match #1: Tony Nese def. Noam Dar

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Following his triumphant title defense at Survivor Series, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy returned to WWE 205 Live to address the WWE Universe, celebrating his victory and saying he can’t be stopped. With that, his training partner Tony Nese made his way to the ring to face Noam Dar. Splitting his time between WWE 205 Live and NXT UK, The Scottish Supernova was more than eager to accept the opportunity to face The Premier Athlete and make a statement. Both Superstars beamed with confidence as the match got underway, but Nese’s power gave him an early advantage. The Premier Athlete’s taunting backfired when Dar grabbed his opponent’s arm mid-flex and began to unleash his technical wizardry and fast-paced style. Dar’s agility and precision strikes drove Nese from the ring where he sought moral support from Buddy Murphy.

Dar’s verbal sparring with the champion gave Nese the opening he needed to recover, and he drove The Scottish Supernova into the ring apron. Dar struck back with a swift kick to the shin that knocked Nese off the middle rope. Refusing to quit, The Scottish Supernova unleashed a flurry of strikes that left Nese dazed and gave Dar the perfect opportunity to prepare the NovaRolla. With the official distracted, Murphy grabbed Dar’s leg, forcing him to divert his attention long enough for Nese to strike. Following a high knee to the back and a German suplex into the turnbuckle, The Premier Athlete executed his patented Running Nese for the win. After the match, Murphy added insult to injury by kicking a defeated Dar off the ring apron before continuing to celebrate with Nese.

My Take: 3 out of 5 – This was a good match from two men who ought to be allowed to do more together. This whole thing felt like it wanted to give the rest of the card a run for its money, but time restraints can do a real number on ambition, which was the case here. That all being said, I have no qualms with any-thing they did here, so this match was worth the time, even if they weren’t given enough of it to have the kind of match they could’ve had else-where.

Match #2: Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick def. Local competitors

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick have one of the most storied rivalries in WWE 205 Live’s history, making them the unlikeliest of allies against Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher, their mutual enemies. As a result, it’s understandable that their first outing as a tag team against their nemeses last week on WWE 205 Live didn’t go as planned, and they suffered a defeat after a miscue. Looking to get on the same page, Tozawa and Kendrick teamed up one again, despite Gulak and Gallagher – watching from the locker room – expressing their confidence that Tozawa and Kendrick don’t have what it takes to be a proper tag team like them. As they squared off against a pair of local competitors, The Stamina Monster and The Man with a Plan dominated most of the contest by displaying excellent teamwork. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champions sealed the victory when Kendrick executed Sliced Bread No. 2 and Tozawa took to the skies to hit a flying Senton. Reveling in their victory, the former rivals congratulated each other and did a Tozawa chant together, proving they may be on the same page after all.

My Take: 2 out of 5 – Hey, at least everybody got on TV.

Match #3: (Main Event) Gran Metalik def. TJP

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Returning to action after celebrating the birth of his child, Gran Metalik finally had his long-awaited opportunity to defend the honor of The Lucha House Party and battle TJP. The Cruisergreat didn’t want to face The King of the Ropes in recent weeks, citing his victory in the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic as evidence that he’s already proven he’s better than Metalik. However, after forming an alliance with Maria and Mike Kanellis, TJP reconsidered and decided to lock up with The King of the Ropes after all. As Metalik and The Lucha House Party awaited TJP, they were instead greeted by Maria Kanellis, who heralded the arrival of her husband and The Cruisergreat, both wearing masks stolen from The Lucha House Party. Seeing the ultimate sign of disrespect, The Lucha House Party charged up the entrance ramp ready for a fight. WWE 205 Live General Drake Maverick raced out to cut them off and barely stopped what would have been a wild brawl. Maverick removed Maria, Mike, Kalisto and Lince Dorado to ensure the match between TJP and Metalik would take place.

Fired up, Metalik immediately dropkicked his opponent out of the ring and flattened him with a high-flying maneuver. The King of the Ropes remained relentless, not allowing his opponent a moment to catch his breath. However, the first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion countered Metalik’s offense and began to soften him up with his unique technical ability. Seizing an opportunity to finally apply the kneebar, TJP grew frustrated after Metalik made his way to the ropes, breaking the hold. Grabbing one of The Lucha House Party’s pinata’s, The Cruisergreat was stopped in his tracks, but his opponent quickly capitalized by reversing a hurricanrana and scoring the pinfall.

My Take: 3 out of 5 – This was a fine main event that had all of the favorite moves of this division, very much like a Greatest Hits album for Tiny Tim and The Rockettes. I liked seeing this pairing, as it all felt effortless and graceful. Yeah, that last one was a stupid sentence…so sue me. Actually, the Tiny Tim reference was dumb too, but picturing The Rockettes dancing in tulips while Tim clicks his tongue is too funny not to think about. This match was fun and you’ll have fun watching it.

News Of The Night:

  1. Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis attacked The Lucha House Party after the main event was over.

Final Verdict: 3/5

This was a simple card that led to a good show from one of the best parts of the WWE.


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