14th Nov2018

WWE Raw – Nov 12th 2018: Results & Review

by Phil Wheat


Welcome to this week’s review of WWE Raw… Which is the go-home episode before this weekend’s Survivor Series pay per view; and what a go-home show!

Match #1: Tamina def. Ember Moon

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Ember Moon lost a friend and gained an enemy last week when Nia Jax threw in with Tamina to lay a beating on The War Goddess; this week, she lost again in the more traditional sense in a match against The Irresistible Force’s powerful enforcer. It was something of an upset for the former NXT Women’s Champion, too: Moon spent the majority of the match running circles around Tamina, but Nia’s interference stopped The Shenom from delivering the Eclipse and allowed Tamina to superkick Ember off the top rope. Tamina went high in response, finishing Moon off with a splash. Pointedly, Raw Women’s Captain Alexa Bliss was shown watching the match backstage as she scouts for team members; one can only assume the match gave her plenty to think about.

My Take: Another decent performance from Ember Moon, who was clearly putting in all the effort into this match helping Tamina look like a powerhouse when in fact she still has issues even with the simplest of moves. Case in point: that “flop” from the top rope rather than the leap her father used to take. Tamina scored the win and EMber took ANOTHER beat down from Nia… I wonder if these two (Nia & Tamina) are going to be a part of the long-rumoured Women’s tag Division? Or is this just a way to give Nia backup for her forthcoming match with Ronda Rousey? Methinks the latter.

Match #2: Finn Bálor def. Dolph Ziggler

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Last week, Drew McIntyre defeated Kurt Angle in a match that The Scottish Psychopath framed as nothing less than a remaking of Raw in his own image. But before that, he leveled Finn Bálor in an apparent display of dominance. So, when The Extraordinary Man Who Does Extraordinary Things came out demanding satisfaction, he got an opportunity to do so against … Dolph Ziggler? Yes, in something of a backhanded compliment, McIntyre sent The Showoff — who he dubbed the true “best in the world” — into battle against Bálor so the Irishman could prove he was worthy of McIntyre “lowering himself” to the Irishman’s level sometime down the line. Of course, then he blasted Finn with a Glasgow Kiss, effectively handing the bout to The Showoff, barring incident.

Cue the incident. Ziggler toyed with Bálor on the mat in yet another display of amateur-style proficiency, and the former Universal Champion slowly but surely crawled his way back, eventually taking out Ziggler and McIntyre with a suicide dive. With McIntyre stunned by the maneuver, Bálor reversed a fireman’s carry rollup from The Showoff into a pinning combo of his own to earn the win. He also earned a little something extra: Impressed with Bálor’s conviction, Stephanie McMahon named the Irishman to the Men’s Survivor Series team — much to the chagrin of McIntyre and Ziggler, though the Commissioner made it clear she only expected the assembled rivals to play nice through this Sunday, and not a second longer.

My Take: A fantastic promo from Drew McIntyre led to to a fantastic match between Ziggler and Balor. There was some great storytelling throughout the match – with Ziggler keeping Balor grounded and away from his fast-paced moves in the early going, eventually losing to Balor after a fast and furious finishing sequence. And Balor really needed this win.

Match #3: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable won the Tag Team Battle Royal

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

The second attempt at a Battle Royal to determine who would lead up Raw’s Tag Team Survivor Series squad went off without a hitch (which is to say, Braun Strowman didn’t wreck the joint) and ended in a victory for an unlikely duo. It wasn’t The Lucha House Party or The Revival who got the W, but Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, who last eliminated their longtime rivals The Ascension to earn the captaincy. The former U.S. and SmackDown Tag Team Champion have been a reliable, if still odd, pairing for the last few weeks. Now, they’ll get their best chance yet to show their teamwork runs deeper than a few wins and shared affinity for all things glorious.

My Take: A rushed match that had a crappy finish and crappy winners. Raw’s tag team division is as much of a joke as this battle royal was. How about actually booking real tag teams well Vince? You’ve got Lucha House Party, the Revival; hell even The Acension were badasses at one point! Maybe let them do their thing instead of the Gable/Roode team. Unless of course this is a huge build to the reurn of Beer Money to the tag team landscape – with James Storm criticsing Roode for falling so far down the proverbial tag team pole. Nah, that’s just a pipe dream…

Match #4: Bobby Lashley def. Elias via Count-out

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Elias had a few choice words for Bobby Lashley before their match to determine which Superstar would round out the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team, but he had a few more choice words for Lio Rush, and those insults came back to haunt The Living Truth when The 24-Year-Old Piece of Gold hid under the ring and grabbed Elias by the ankles in the middle of the match, handing Lashley a count-out victory to send him to Sunday’s match. Elias was understandably upset, and he got the last word by lawn-darting Rush through the ropes and into Lashley on the outside. But it’s Lashley who has the last laugh.

My Take: This match had THE lines of the night. Elias calling Child Protective Services and ripping apart Lashley and Lio Rush (especially Rush, for looking like a 10-year old boy AND a toddler) – this is the Elias I can get behind, give me more stinging comedy please! Though that ending was a total cop-out and was some of the biggest b**lsh*t I’ve seen on Raw in some months. Thankfully Elias got to kick Lio Rush’s ass. About time someone did!

Match #5: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley ends in a No Contest

The following is courtesy of Rajah.com (as the WWE didn’t see fit to even call this a match):

Banks smashed Bayley in the face with a knee to send Bayley out of the ring. Banks took down Bayley with a headscissors on the floor. Back in the ring, Banks up top and she hit a double knees attack to take down Bayley. Graves did his usual bit about Banks stabbing people in the back with Renee getting upset about it. Bayley went for a dropkick near the ring post, Banks caught her and sent Bayley ribs first into the ring post. Banks with a running knee attack on Bayley against the ring post, but Bayley moved and Sasha hit the post leading to Bayley getting a rollup for two. Banks was selling a right knee injury as Bayley hit a neckbreaker against the second rope. Banks with another stiff knee to the face of Bayley and Bayley came back with a Bayley to Belly on the ring apron. Both women fell to the floor leading to a commercial. The match returned with Bayley on the top rope and jumping off with an elbow drop, but Banks got her knees up to break up the pin. Banks slapped on a Bank Statement submission and the other women went into the ring to attack Banks and Bayley.

My Take: WTF. I guess the fact this was YET ANOTHER PROMO DISGUISED AS A MATCH is why the WWE didn’t see fit to add this to their results coverage… I’m getting sick and tired of this kind of thing happening week after week on WWE programming. And to give these two a whole eight minutes only for it to end as it did is a disgrace.

News of the Night:

  1. Braun Strowman to get a match with Baron Corbin – but must not lay a hand on him until their match.
  2. Dean Ambrose burned his Shield vest.
  3. Finn Bálor was added to the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team.
  4. Natalya attacked Ruby Riott but got a Hart Attack for her troubles.
  5. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are the leaders of the Raw Tag Team for Survivor Series.
  6. Jinder Mahal confronted Brock Lesnar and took a beating – as did the Singh Bros.
  7. Bobby Lashley was named leader of the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

Forget all the “news” above, the REAL news of this weeks Raw was the attack by Becky Lynch and the Smackdown womerns roster on the women of Raw. But it was more than that. Lynch took a hit to the face, apparently suffering a broken nose… and kept on fighting! Covered in blood from elbow to finger tip (from wiping away the blood on her face) and with a vicious look in her eye, Lynch channeled the hardcore wrestlers of yesteryear whilst taking it to Ronda Rousey. They say Becky Lynch, right now, is this generations Stone Cold – she lived up to that hype and more tonight; and even the Raw crowd couldn’t help but chant for “The Man”.

I doubt even Survivor Series will top the closing moments of this episode of Raw. Especially if those “concussion” rumours are true :(


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